The Comprehensive Pub Renovation guide

We have already considered pub renovations in a previous blog post, however in this one, we take a more in-depth look at some of the most important points.

In a business where innovation is appreciated just like tradition, most pub owners usually encounter the challenge of ensuring that their pubs meet the demands of the modern customer and at the same time maintain the traditional features loved by punters. With nearly 50,000 pubs operating in the UK, the level of competition is quite high, and it’s significant to get your pub’s look and feel right.
The appearance of your pub will influence your customer’s first impression once they get to your bar, and many more things after, including: the duration of their stay, the likelihood of them coming back, and whether they are going to recommend it to other people. Therefore starting from your bar and interiors to your outdoor space and lighting, ensures that your pub looks as significant as your offering. If you get a feeling that your pub is beginning to feel a bit outdated and needs a face-lift, or perhaps a delayed re-modelling, the following should really be considered.

Develop a Plan and Budget Wisely
Whether you decide to have minimal improvements in several parts of your pub or a full refurbishment, you will require a plan and a budget prepared. For instance, if you are considering a complete renovation, you will need to put into consideration the duration of time your project will take, the number of weeks or days you will stay out of business, and how it will impact on your income. Refurbishing a pub can take a number of weeks; therefore, you should have a plan as well as financial backup to assist you in minimising the interruption.
Furthermore, when it comes to the budget, you will have to account for each and everything, including smaller tasks like installing new tills and card readers. Being thorough will reduce your likelihood of running into any difficulties or running out of finances before the project gets finished.

Consider the Interiors
Since your customers will be spending time inside your pub, it is remarkably crucial to maintaining the interior. It should be inviting, cosy and relaxed. You don’t necessarily have to give your bar a complete remodel to achieve this, but you can just work with what you have. For instance, you can consider using a combination of soft and hard furnishings. It can incorporate big comfortable couches alongside more upright tables as well as chairs to cater for different sizes of groups for example.

Think About Your Diners
Ensuring that you maximise the food you offer to your diners can be vital to increasing business and also making it unforgettable. Nowadays, most of the pubs serve food, and the quality and criterion of this have grown sharply within the last few years. Consider face lifting your menu to include seasonal dishes or focus on a specific cuisine. Providing a set menu or brunches is also a helpful way to acquire high numbers of diners in your pub.
When it comes to layout, you can separate your bar area from your dining area. By classifying the furnishings and the décor, you can offer your restaurant an upmarket or a more formal feel, and consequently (and cleverly) cater for both your diners and punters separately.

Changing your pub from being dull to an exciting place can include little or a lot of work depending on what you want. And whether it’s a complete remodel or just several improvements, the outcome is sure to have an impact on your punters.

We hope this blog post guide has given you a greater insight to make some better informed choices for your pub renovation.

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