Saving your pub by getting a renovation.

Can a pub renovation save your business?

Owners of struggling pubs are often reluctant to spend any money on them. It smacks of throwing good money after bad - why sink more investment into a business that doesn’t seem able to pull in the customers, let alone make a decent return? Yet in many cases, the decision to bite the bullet and make the necessary investment has transformed…
How can you make your cafe unique?

How can a unique cafe design help you get ahead of competitors?

With the overcrowded marketplace and the rapid birth of new cafes, a good design of a cafe may just be the required weapon to win the competition in the industry. A good café does not just entail having delicious dishes but also integrating that edge which makes your café stand out from others. Therefore, for a café business to succeed,…
Successful cafe refurbishments

How to own a winning café

It is easy to set up a coffee shop, but how you run it will determine how successful the enterprise will be. The management tactics that you apply should be able to distinguish your establishment from other similar businesses, and keep you ahead of your rivals in the face of stiff competition. We all know that having a well-built and…
A focus on bespoke joinery work

What is bespoke joinery?

Bespoke joinery is basically customised joinery in which the customers are able to give their inputs and have a general idea on how they want their woodwork handled. Customised joinery is quite useful and allows customers to maximise storage space as well as optimise additional space in the location. Even though furniture bought from a shop can be nice and…
The impact of colour on design and design on colour

The Impact of Colour on Design

Design is made up of different components, and each one is essential in the overall development of the design. Even if the design is a simple one, all components matter such as the colours, shape, balance, form and space. The more concepts that are present, the more interesting and attractive the design becomes. After all, design is a form of…

On Site Saturday’s at Solihull Arden Club for Lake Contracts.

Even at the weekend we continue to work. Today, we are fitting floor layers laying latex. So far we're on schedule and on budget but we won't run for prime minster! No work tomorrow, we don't work on a Sunday, as a family run and family orientated business we believe Sunday's are for Families plus as we're on schedule there's…

New Project Starts on Site – Solihull Arden Club

Lake Contracts are working with a leisure and fitness client, the Solihull Arden Club to improve their lounge, bar and customer areas to improve furnishings, layout and increase secondary spend with a newly added 'coffee court'. The interior fit out project kicked off this week with strip out of the bar area. Watch this space for progress pics!