Why functionality is important in your office space

You spend a lot of your time at work. So having a functional, practical and open space to work in is pretty much essential for working efficiently. Here are a few pointers to get the most out of your office, so you can work in a clear and a well operating space.

Balance functionality with aesthetic design

Over the past few years, offices have taken to adding quirky features in their office’s, such as hammocks, slides or bean bags.

However, a study has shown that, although these features are great for PR and making the office stand out, 86% of British office workers thought these features didn’t add value or serve a specific purpose in the work place. Another 71% actually said that they would prefer more space and practicality in their workplace.


Utilizing your space effectively

Making the most of your office space, especially if you are working in a small office, is a very important step in achieving a functional space to work in. Clutter and mess in your office will lead to a decline in motivation and overall morale of your workers.

Allowing in plenty of light into your workspace is a simple but really effective way of keeping the office feeling fresh and light. You can build upon this by adding in some plants and greenery into your workplace to stop the room from feeling too stuffy, whilst also providing a nice feature to breakup your office space.


Creating zones for different purposes

Create specific zones to break up your office space and provide allocated places for people to work in; this adds more purpose to the layout of your office. Providing a relevant space for the amount of people working in different areas is also a key way to allocate space. For example; using long tables and big couches for a group of people working and creating a space for individuals to work, with smaller desks and chairs.


Designing around your employees needs

Whilst adding in quirky and off the cuff features in your office can allow for a breath-taking and dramatic office, it is important to not prioritise this over your employee’s day to day working life. Moderation is key in this aspect, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment to work in, whilst also considering the overall efficiency and capability of your layout.

Also taking into account how and when your employees work is a big factor when considering the design of your office, for example; An open plan environment can provide a light and airy space which encourages team work, which opens communication up between co-workers, it can also lead to a noisy working environment, leading workers becoming distracted from their work.


To conclude, keeping your employees satisfied with their workspace is a big part of keeping your office running smoothly, so it is important to find out what kind of environment your employees need to keep spirits high and work efficiently. It is crucial to balance design with functionality, and focus on moderation when considering a new design for your office space.


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