How to ensure your pub or bar is summer-friendly

Things are starting to warm up across the U.K, and an improvement in the weather could mean an improvement in sales-if you play your cards right. As spring progresses into summer, more and more people will want to get out of the house and enjoy themselves in the sun. So how do we appeal to people to make sure our business is benefitting as well? Here are some pointers to get the most out of this summer for your restaurant:


Outside space


Utilizing your outdoor space appropriately is an essential part of keeping business up year round, so making the most of your outside space will be a very effective way to draw customers in. Having a beer garden for people to relax with a pint is a great way to get people to not only come into your business, but for them to want to stay and return too.

Re vamping your outside space by deep cleaning the floor and chairs of debris, and bringing in new decorations to coordinate with the time of year is a great way to visually express that you are prepared and ready for the warm weather.

However, if the typical British summer weather prevails, it is always handy to get a gazeebo or an awning to shelter people from rain or wind when outside, that way your customers can still enjoy themselves on a summer evening without facing the elements.


Menu Overhaul


Keeping your menu fresh and relevant is great way to generate new interest in your establishment. You should focus on keeping your menu in relation to the seasons, so when summer comes around; focus more on brunch and light foods such as pasta or salads, rather than heavy meals.

Promoting your new menu as a ‘summer  menu’ can also spark interest in potential customers, as putting a time scale on how long this menu will be available can also make it seem more exclusive.

Incorporating fresh and seasonal fruit and veg into your menu can help you plan what to make, and keeps in with the summer theme.




Promotions, deals and offers

Appealing to customers requires multiple different methods and tactics, and one of the most proficient of all is special offers. Advertising offers such as ‘buy one get one free’ or a ‘2 for 1 deal’ is a great way to reel customers into your pub or restaurant effectively and possibly for a longer time.


Spring cleaning

As previously mentioned, having a deep clean outside makes for a more inviting place to relax in. However you must also consider what you can do to help bring the summer atmosphere inside. Focus on scrubbing away dirt on windows and doors in order to let in as much sunlight as possible, so people can still be relaxed inside, without feeling too stuffy or boxed in.


To conclude, preparing you and your establishment for summer is essential to keep business profitable; your restaurant needs to be current and inviting for people to want to spend time there. Having offers on is a great way to get new and existing customers into your place of work, however keeping your restaurant in theme to the particular season you are in makes for a more functional, inviting and current place for your customers to enjoy.