How can a unique cafe design help you get ahead of competitors?

With the overcrowded marketplace and the rapid birth of new cafes, a good design of a cafe may just be the required weapon to win the competition in the industry. A good café does not just entail having delicious dishes but also integrating that edge which makes your café stand out from others. Therefore, for a café business to succeed, several factors other than the products on offer and how they are produced should be put into consideration. Our article looks at some suggests for how you can design a unique café.


Space and layout of the business
Ensure the space and layout of your café is considered as ticking the right boxes here can give you a competitive edge. A room with enough space attracts more customers. Also, a cleverly spaced room creates solitary and isolated corners for customers who seek privacy. Provide comfortable furniture for your customers, the chairs, and tables should be comfortable enough to suit all kinds of customers. Consider arranging the room in such a way that pleases your customers, e.g. a way in which customers may enter and leave comfortably without interrupting others in the café. Crowded places can be unwelcoming and look overly cluttered so getting the right balance is key.


Lighting the room
Enough lighting is a critical element in designing a café business and thus it should never be ignored. It helps provide good visual for all people in that room and makes it easy to notice customers as they make their way in the room and attend them quickly. Ensure you create a mood that excites and interests all. Much attention should be concentrated on where exactly you want the eyes of customers to fall on first. Let your café dazzle and tease customers with its unique lighting making them remember it and regard you as more stylish than your fellow local cafés.


The colours
The colours you use can impact business performance. Use a colour that tries to stimulate cravings and appetites your customers. You may opt to choose a good combination of colors such as red, green and orange. These ranges of colours all help provide a hospitable environment. Maybe you might decide to be brave and bold and use vivid colours to stun your customers. Using the right combination of colours that stamps you as unique can help you stand out from just another ordinary café venue.


What do you think your customers would like to smell and how would you like their nose to remember you? For a café, the smell of freshly prepared food is always a winner, aswell as smells that promote a clean and healthy environment. How can you integrate this to make yourself different from everyone else?
The success of a café or restaurant is not just about the kind of products you offer, but how comfortable and hospitable the place seems for all customers. The overall look of the café should speak to clients and welcome them – something that is very different to a normal café on the high street. It is easy to blend in with the crowd but if you really want to make money from your café business, taking the design to the next step to make your establishment unique can go a long way to achieving this.

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