Pub renovation ideas

Invest, renovate, innovate…

The face of pubs has changed a great deal over the last thirty years.

Consumers have lots more choice, access to media, and have higher expectations of service providers. The successful establishments have developed an agile, approach to their sales and marketing strategies. To be in the game a landlord needs to be adaptable, tailoring their service offering to customers want and needs. This includes both the actual service the customer receives and the indirect service of usable and high quality surroundings.

So if you are considering a pub refurb, what should you be doing?

It’s broke, so fix it!

Publicans, landlords, and investors have recognised that the pub environment needs to reflect consumers changing requirements. There are some basic enhancements and ideas that will refresh the business and bring in clientele. Investigate what is dated or doesn’t work nor appeal anymore. Change these things.

Do some research.

Take a view on what is working for the competitors. It is a good starting point to visit pubs and take a view on how they are presented, what services they offer and the type of customers that they attract. A pub will perform best by playing to its strengths. Consider the location, local private and public buildings, leisure facilities, what does a typical customer look like and what services will they require? Cater the service offering to get the best value from the budget spend.

Refurbishment can cover the exterior and interior of the pub. Both are equally important. The outside decor and appeal will attract customers; the inside will keep them there and encourage them to come back.

Exterior refurbishment.

If the structure, roofing, and walls are sound then leave them alone. Concentrate on decoration, painting, guttering, windows, doors, etc. All of these items can be repaired, replaced and spruced up with little investment. Look at the signage and foliage – consider placing plants and pots. Use the existing real estate for attraction, tables and chairs, benches. Windows and doors can again be refurbished, cleaned or replaced for a small investment. Look into the history of the signage, and consider what will work best for customers. You may also choose to expand your outdoor area generally to make it a more usable amenity. E.g. What about benches or a decking area for summer nights?

Interior renovation.

The aim is to create a comfortable, stylish environment that people will enjoy spending time in. Look at the features of the interior and enhance the elements that show the character of the building. Wooden floors, stone floors, and fireplaces often just need treating and cleaning. Choose paintings and art to reflect the image of the pub. Make sure that the furnishings are good quality with comfortable chairs, stools, and sofas that can be used for different tastes or social gatherings. Toilets can be upgraded at little additional cost and rank high with customers’ expectations. Choose easy to clean tiles and fixings, this will ensure that they are easy to maintain.

It’s surprising how a little effort really can go a long way with these kinds of projects, but why not hire a company that can do all this for you? Find out more on pub refurbishment by visiting our dedicated page.