Office fit-out checklist

Relocating to larger premises due to company expansion? Downsizing to smaller premises to reduce costs? Refurbishing existing space to improve creativity and staff morale? Whatever the reason, it is the ideal time to get your office premises properly organised from the bottom up.

A well organised office makes for an efficient office, and an efficient office makes for happy staff, higher productivity and increased output. Before the first batch of furniture crosses the threshold, or the first lick of paint touches a wall, you should have a plan in place which will provide all these things. Proper planning is paramount. If you’re going to get the office efficiency you need at a price you want to pay – you need to begin at the beginning.

Designate a Project Manager:
If you intend to carry out your office refit yourselves you need a project manager. If you intend to employ the services of an office fitting company – you need a project manager. Only your people will know how your office operates, what you want to create, and how you want to achieve it. Professionals are always best placed to handle this role as they are used to performing and carrying out such projects.

Project Planning:
Staff should be consulted from day one. After all, they’re the ones having to work in the newly designed office. If you have a number of departments, departmental managers should consult with their staff and liaise back to your project manager.
Open plan was the office design buzzword 15 years ago; now, not so much. Realisation has dawned that, while some areas benefit from open, communal, work areas, there is still a need for work places away from the hubbub of background banter and clacking keyboards to achieve greater creativity.
Planning this new project should go right back to basics. Did you know the office colours you choose can impact on staff creativity and production? Get your colour charts out. Get rid of the whites, greys and beiges. Instead bring in the blues, greens and yellows.

Financial Planning:
How much of the refit can be undertaken by your own staff (painting, cleaning etc). How much of the existing equipment and furniture can be revitalised and updated, and how much needs to be replaced? Once the project has been transformed from a mishmash of ideas or wants and needs, into a project with specific aims and aspirations it’s time to get the calculator out.
With a maximum budget to achieve the fit-out, you need at least a ball park figure that what you envisage is achievable within budget. Time to meet the office fit-out company’s project manager.

Fit-out Project Managers:
These guys are professionals in their field. Turning your ideas into reality is what they do. Working with your project manager they will plan and design how best to achieve your aspirations. What can and can’t be done, or what can be achieved with a little alteration here and there. It is also in their company’s interest to provide you a service at a competitive price and one which is cost-effective for your requirements.
Once your project manager is happy, working plans will be drawn up and, most importantly, overall costing can be finalised.

All these steps should be on your checklist for getting the best and the most out of an office fit out. To talk to us further about an office fit out, use our details on the contact page.