What Specific Factors Are Needed For A Successful Cafe Refurbishment?

When it comes to creating a café, style is an essential consideration as it will help to attract customers. Before you get started, it is important to take the time to develop a concept for your café. The elements that you need to consider include the products that you will sell, the types of customers that you wish to attract and the special hook that will create customer loyalty and help keep customers coming back. The below factors are all things which need to be considered to stand a chance of making a café refurbishment successful.

Choose a Bold Theme
These days, most towns and cities boast a large number of cafes, many of which may well be within walking distance of your own establishment. Therefore, it is important to create an eye catching theme that will make your business stand out from the crowd. When deciding on a theme, it is a good idea to take a look at the other cafes in your area so that you can create a theme that is different to that of other cafes and also take into account the needs of local people. Getting the balance right can be difficult and then transferring this into reality. This is where success lies however.

Selecting Your Colour Scheme
Different colours and styles work better in cafes than others and there is more than a little psychology connected to the colours that business owners use. If your business is promoting healthy and organic food and drinks then green is an obvious choice, while bright and bold colours like red and yellow work better in cafes that mainly sell fast food. You could also choose to give your café a quirky touch by choosing bright and bold 60s and 70s prints that will help to give the space a new lease of life or go for the minimalistic approach to suggest luxury and decadence. The possibilities are endless and many can be incorporated into your own café refurbishment. Relate any colour combinations to support your ‘theme’ for best results.

Focusing on Lighting
Lighting is an essential element that can be extremely tricky to get exactly right. Successful lighting will promote your theme and enhance the benefits of your colour choices.

While it is important to make sure that the establishment is not dark and gloomy, customers may well be put off if the café feature bright and glaring lights. Take the time to experiment with wall mounted and ceiling lights that create a warm and welcoming glow and try to maximise the amount of natural light that comes into your café by opting for large windows with mirrors on the opposite wall to reflect the light will also making the establishment appear to be more spacious.

Displaying Products
It is important to make sure that any products you wish to sell are clearly displayed so that they will not be overlooked by potential customers. Creating large shelving units above the main counter is a good way to attract attention, while you could also try to think outside the box a little by creating unique free standing displays. This is something which needs to be built into your refurbishment plan but once thought about can be easily done.

Once you have created your concept, all of the above aspects will be easier to determine. Creating a solid theme is likely to dictate elements such as the colours you will use, meaning that once this has been decided you will already be well on your way to creating the perfect style for your café refurbishment.

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