What should you consider before a Restaurant Refurbishment?

When undergoing a restaurant fit out, there are multiple factors that should be considered before work is begun; helping to determine the success of your refurbishment. These various aspects should work to have impact upon the results of the overall re-design, improving the performance of your restaurant as a result.

Does your interior reflect your vision?

One of the most vital factors to consider when taking on a restaurant refurbishment is if your envisioned results align with all other aspects of the establishment, all the way down to what you serve on your menu; consistency can greatly improve customer experience. If your menu is adorned with modern and sophisticated dishes, but accompanied by an out-dated and stale interior, this may be a sign that your restaurant is not operating as a whole. This gives new and potential customers a false impression of what your business has to offer, making them less likely to become valuable patrons. The food and services that you offer could be flawless, but this will, more often than not, go unnoticed if your interior doesn’t match up.
When approaching your fit out, consider designs that follow the themes of your menu, helping to reinforce your brand and offer a visual that’s in-sync with the experience you provide.

Does your restaurant function well?

It’s rare that business owners get to plan the exact layout of their space down to the smallest detail, especially within such a fast paced industry. However, this is a necessary process if you wish for your restaurant to run as efficiently as possible. You may have noticed certain aspects of your establishment that could be improved to make overall operations run more smoothly; now is the perfect time to combat this.
So, if service isn’t running quick enough, the workflow of your kitchen feels chaotic and disorganised, or staff are hindered from getting place to place, it may be time to refurbish the area in which you work.

When was your last refurbishment?

Ideally, restaurants should look into updating their design on a fairly regular basis as to make a space feel well maintained and thoughtfully designed. Visual aesthetics often tend to play quite a major role in the overall experience of your customers, so if out-dated or in a state of disrepair, the design of your restaurant could actually be causing you more harm than good; impacting your abilities to attract new customers and generate a loyal clientele. Small changes as to keep accessories and furniture updated may help somewhat, but a major restaurant refurbishment could alter the success of your establishment entirely.

Re-designing your restaurant can do wonders for your business; however, it is important that the results of such are reflective of the services that you have to offer and in line with all other aspects of your establishment. If you’re looking to undergo a restaurant fit out, visit our dedicated restaurant refurbishment page to discover what we can do to help you.