How to keep the momentum after a Refurbishment

How to keep the momentum after a Refurbishment

The first few months after a new refurbishment can be unprecedented in terms of profit, customer intake, customer and staff satisfaction, and generally provide a great atmosphere to work in and relax in. However, after a certain amount of time, although your intake can still be very high, you really want to capture the essence of the first few opening days and keep onto it. How do we achieve this? Can it be achieved? We will explore in this article ways to keep customers in your pub and why these first few months are essential to keep profits high.

Maintain a fresh atmosphere

After investing in such a big project like a fit out, it is easy to think that all the hard work is done. However this is definitely not the case. Keeping your workplace as fresh as the day you re opened is an almost impossible task. However, using tactics such as new deals or offers to give incentive to come back is a great way to make sure people will come back, and familiarise themselves with your business and your staff.

Don’t be afraid to move things around and try a new dynamic that could possibly work better for everyone. Something like moving a big sofa to a new place has a big impact on the overall layout of your business, and gives a new perspective to customers how have been used to the same design for months.


Interact with your customers

Interacting with your customers builds up a great rapport, and reminds them that they are in a friendly environment. Keep interactions short and sweet though, remember the customer is there to enjoy themselves- not for you. There is definitely a right balance when it comes to engaging with your customers, but get it right and the benefits are great, even things such as remembering a customer’s name or favourite drink really helps establish a better connection between yourself and the customer, which creates  higher chance of seeing them again!







Have the right people interacting

Making sure that your staff engages well with your customers is an essential part of keeping them happy. Having a genuine, attentive and positive person to represent the face of your brand is as important as people will associate those attributes with your business. Making sure that every person  has a personalised experience when in your business is essential as people do not engage well with a generic experience, and it will be either quickly forgotten or leave a sour taste in some people’s mouths.


Engage with your community

Showing that you are a part of your community is a great way to keep people coming to you after the hype of your refurbishment dies down. Holding community days or charity event’s is a great way to make sure customers would be happy to do business with you, and selfless acts really resonate with people. It comes back to keeping a personal relationship with your customers, to keep your business flourishing.

To round off, keeping and maintaining a healthy, strong relationship between you and your customers is essential to preserving the atmosphere of a newly refurbished establishment, which in turn provides the perfect environment to keep profits up and customers happy.

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