Should Colour Theory be considered in a Refurbishment?


When opting to undergo a refurbishment, colour is, more often than not, a factor considered to be of great importance, being one of the first visual elements your potential customers will notice. However, is there more to the use of colour than just aesthetics? Could it be used as a way to attract your customers?

The psychology of colour focuses upon both the mental and emotional effects that colour is said to have within everyday life, meaning it can be argued that our surroundings have an influence on our mood and overall state of mind. While many marketing and advertising techniques are already well-known for their utilisation of colour theories, the use of such as to decorate the space in which your business operates could prove highly beneficial.

The aim for any company should be to make their potential customers want to spend their time at your establishment; whether it be to eat at your restaurant or shop at your retail store, you should make patrons feel that they are welcome. The environment that you create should be inviting and encourage individuals to utilise the services that you provide rather than take their business elsewhere. Colours of a lighter tone can help to achieve this, White portraying a sense of space as opposed to darker colours, such as Black, that can work to make a room feel smaller and more closed in, giving an uninviting impression.
Neutral colours, while they may appear to be the safest option, can be great if you’re opting to give your business a higher sense of sophistication, Grey being a timeless and practical option, along with shades of Brown that are commonly stated to represent reliability, stability, and comfort. However, what about the brighter options?

Shades of a warmer tone tend to be the most popular for use within the food service industry, as colours such as yellows and oranges are known to increase appetite and feelings of hunger within individuals, being the reason why so many food companies, especially within the fast food industry, adorn their logos and advertisements with such colours. This could be a great colour to utilise within a restaurant or café fit out, however, it should be used in moderation. Brighter colours tend to reflect more light and this leaves possibility to excessively stimulate an individuals’ eyes, leading to irritation.

Cooler tones can be used to foster a more calming and peaceful environment, making them great for use in retail and office spaces. Various shades of green and blue are particularly effective as they’re said to decrease respiration and lower blood pressure levels.

To conclude, colour should be considered a vital aspect of any fit out work being carried out for your business, as it can be used to define and establish your brand, as well as tie various aspects of your company together. If you’re considering undergoing refurbishment for your business, visit out dedicated fit out pages to discover what our Birmingham Shop Fitters can do for you.