Making the most of a Limited Space for your Restaurant Fit Out

When undergoing a restaurant refurbishment, developing the design and layout is a task that can prove quite challenging; with every detail from the spacing to the wall art requiring conscious decisions to be made. This challenge is made greater for those working within a tight space.
Many owners of smaller establishments tend to feel that their business potential can become hindered by a lack of space; however, this doesn’t always have to be the case. Below, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can take on board when considering refurbishing your restaurant.

Don’t overdo it on the Décor

Appropriate and attention-grabbing décor is a must for any restaurant design, helping to define the atmosphere of your business and invite potential customers to your establishment. However, it’s vital that this factor is handled carefully when refurbishing a smaller space, as too much décor can easily have the opposite desired effect; making a room feel more enclosed and thus less inviting to anyone considering dining at your establishment. When using wall art, and any other objects you choose, to decorate a smaller space, it is important that the pieces you opt for are significant to your brand and the atmosphere you want to create for your restaurant, yet limited; crowding a space with too many decorative items can become very overwhelming very quickly. Picking just a few, simple pieces can create the brand identity you’re aiming towards without the risk of going overboard.
While wall art is an important element to be considered, there is much more that goes into a restaurant refurbishment. Certain themes can play a big role in creating a positive atmosphere within your establishment, assisting in either making your place appear larger, or giving it a cosier feeling. One way to successfully capture the mood of any environment is through the utilisation of colour. For instance, warm, darker tones, such as deep reds and shades of purple, can work to give a room a cosy atmosphere, while lighter tones of greens, blues, and even white can open up a space, making a space appear larger than it actually is.

Utilise larger Windows

The use of large windows in a smaller restaurant fit out can assist in effectively opening up a space, creating the illusion that the establishment offers a lot more room than in actuality. Providing an outside view to customers during their time dining at your restaurant can also help the space to feel less enclosed, making the limited room appear a lot more visually appealing in the process. This element can have an impact within any successful restaurant fit out, but is especially great used within small areas!
If there is limited window availability, mirrors can have a similar effect; giving the illusion of depth through angles and reflection.

Create a Floor Plan

Before you decide on embellishments and seating, it is vital to come up with a solid floor plan with a proper dining space to kitchen ratio; allocating around 60% to the dining area and the rest for the kitchen.
When planning out the dining space, ensure that tables and chairs are spaced from each other accordingly, avoiding customers from feeling too cramped and making their experience at your restaurant less enjoyable overall.
Planning the space before you begin major refurbishment will help you to assess any elements that will / do not work for the space you’re operating in, making the process more successful.

If you want to learn more about what our fit out design team can do to help improve your business, visit our dedicated restaurant refurbishment page.