What constitutes good design work?

Defining what constitutes good work in the field of design may seem daunting, as interpretation can be very subjective. However, there are some basic underlying principles that can be applied in seeking to reach a conclusion as to what constitutes good design work.

Be complementary
Good design should complement the surroundings in which it is set as well as provide the functionality required. A good example of this would be the renovation and updating of a period building. The character of the building would be retained, whilst the updating would be carried out using design work that would complement the period character of the property whilst at the same time being aesthetically pleasing and fully functional. The design work ensures that the renovation and updating do not detract from the original character of the property and are not in such extremes of contradiction with its personality that they do not work with each other.

Be functional
Regardless of what it is, if something is designed for a purpose it should achieve it. Functionality does not mean less aesthetic appeal, rather it compliments it. Whether it is simply the creation of a pleasing environment in which to relax, or the design of an office environment that will be most conducive to productivity and wellbeing, design work needs to produce a result that is not only pleasing but functional. In business, research has demonstrated that companies that invested in and commissioned designers achieved greater productivity and growth in business. Any piece of design work that is worthy of being considered good will achieve the purpose that is desired by the client who engaged the services of the designer.

Be durable
Good design should stand the test of time and not become quickly overshadowed or outdated by more recent work and advances. Renovation and updating are costly exercises and good design work will ensure that what is invested in such work stands the test of time.

Display personality of the designer.
The personality and skills of a good designer go beyond mere technical knowledge and creative flair. Good design work comes from good designers, and they must possess a skill set that includes the ability to listen to clients, to get to the heart of what they want, and to interpret their client’s own ideas. Good designers will work in a holistic manner, considering the whole of the environment in which the design is to work, turning thoughts and two dimensional sketches into three dimensional living interpretations. Good designers will see what others cannot and combine their observations with communication skills that interpret and reflect what their clients are seeking, resulting in a creative and consultative process that is conducive to the best end product of the design process. A further skill that is needed for good design is the ability to seek and develop solutions to identified problems.

Be environmentally friendly.
In today’s environmentally-conscious world any good design will be executed in full consideration of the environmental impact it will have on its surroundings.

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