Successful commercial property maintenance

Keeping a commercial property well maintained is a real skill because quite simply there is so much to consider. However, by paying attention to the five key areas listed below, in our opinion, you can ensure that you manage all of your commercial properties with success.

  1. Have excellent communication skills

When maintaining a commercial property, you need to keep your channels of communication open, both between yourself and your clients and between yourself and the third parties who engage with your property (such as plumbers or construction workers). You also need to foster a superb relationship with property owners. Refine those communication skills, empathise with others at all times and keep your communications prompt, friendly but professional. No matter how good we think our communication skills are, we can all improve and aid our sense of professionalism.


  1. Consider the environment

Both renters and property owners nowadays are very keen on environmentally friendly properties. Good insulation, eco conscious building materials, and a commitment to a green ethos will all be points that cover this area well. Being able to advertise your services as a green property maintenance firm will increase the number of clients who are interested in working with you.


  1. Make occupiers safety an absolute priority

Conduct regular safety checks and make any necessary repairs as promptly as possible to ensure that residents and personnel working in the buildings are safe and secure at all times. Whilst commercial property maintenance is a business and income, everything needs to be done to high standards ensuring top safety. This should never be compromised.


  1. Schedule regular upgrades

From installing the latest technology to replacing the roof with more functional new materials, upgrading buildings as often as a new upgrade becomes available and appropriate is so important. Whilst preserving the historic features of a property is crucial also, you need to ensure that your buildings can compete with new builds. Sometimes getting this fine balance correct can be difficult, but any changes should allow for the way to move forward and enhancement be made.


  1. Pay attention to the exteriors of the property

You want all the buildings that you maintain to be good enough to include in your portfolio, and so it is essential to ensure that the exteriors stay looking their best. Pay attention to frontages, and ensure that aesthetics like painting are regularly attended to. When deciding on your budget for these features, it is essential to ensure that you continue to spend in full on keeping the building safe and well maintained.


Keep these five points in mind and you will already be firmly on the pathway to success with all your commercial property maintenance projects.

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