Using bespoke joinery within your establishment

Adding a personal touch to your establishment’s furnishings and décor can really improve upon the atmosphere and mood inside. Bespoke joinery is effectively customisable woodwork, whether in the form of cabinets, furniture or surfaces. The benefit of this is that you can invest your input into designing a piece tailored specifically for you. In this article, we will begin exploring the benefits of having bespoke joinery used within your establishment and the affect it can have on your business, customers and the overall design of your place of business.

The benefits of utilising bespoke joinery are discovered right at the start of the creative process. Combing your inspiration and ideas with our experienced woodworkers can lead to some beautifully crafted pieces, and they are all entirely unique. Don’t be shy about expressing what you want, as the more ideas put on the table, the better the piece will be. This would be due to there being more creative freedom to be explored.

There are multiple benefits of working with us to design your piece, such as the fact that we can offer professional help and guidance throughout the entire process, helping to see your idea through to completion. This is not a possibility with shop bought furnishings, as even high-quality furniture in stores will not be unique to you, and cannot be altered to better suit your individual taste or style. Bespoke joinery offers a range of different variations, all of which can be tailored specifically to your requirements.

Bespoke joinery is a great option for new furniture in your establishment, particularly if you are undergoing a pub refurbishment or shop fit out. Utilising bespoke joinery holds an advantage in maximising space, as it can be designed to fit in to any space you need. This means you can design your furniture to fit into snug spaces, or use them for mass storage, to keep your space clutter free.

Whilst bespoke joinery can be more expensive than ordinary furniture, the pay off is completely worthwhile. The craftsmanship and creativity put into the designing and assembling processes means that the bespoke furniture will naturally add character and charm into any space. The unique personal touch you are able to put onto the woodwork will mean that, ultimately, the furniture is priceless to you!

If you are either undergoing a renovation project, have recently completed a shop fit out or pub renovation, get in contact Lake Contracts for bespoke joinery and furniture that will complete your establishments new look!