How to keep your bar flourishing through the winter months

Winter is well and truly upon us. The weather is cold, and the all of the locals seem to be in deep hibernation. However, a dip in temperature shouldn’t mean your business has to suffer for it, and you can find plenty of innovative and simple ways to keep your customers inside your bar during the winter months. This is providing you know how to use the season to your advantage. In this article, we will look at some of the most effective methods to attract and retain business throughout the colder months!


  • Using the holiday rush to your advantage

This time of year, is known for reconnecting with friends and family, so why not be the place for them to catch up? Offering holiday or winter deals on food and drinks acts as a great incentive for people to come to your bar for a cosy catch up, and offering lunch and brunch menus can draw in the holiday shoppers looking to take a pit stop from their hectic shopping trips.


  • Offer warm drinks and hearty foods

As the temperature outside continues to drop, having a warm drink or meal can really improve people’s morale and spirit. There is no need to go all out either, featuring a hot soup or mulled wine is very effective in cheering people up during the winter blues. This will also give another reason for customers to keep visiting your bar.


  • Introduce a warm winter theme throughout your bar


Whilst a pub refurbishment is a great way to attract new customers, there are more cost-effective solutions for the winter months. Having a warm theme that coincides with the season can really breathe new life into a bar, and encourage customers to explore your establishment further. Whether they stay for the food, drinks or décor, you can be sure that this is a great way to appeal to the winter hermits!


  • Keep in mind that this is an expensive time of the year

Both before and after Christmas, wallets are never usually full with money. The holiday season is the most expensive time of year, so potential customers will be more focused on the prices of the food and drinks they consume when dining or drinking out. Empathising with your customers in terms of prices can really improve upon business and build up customer satisfaction, as they know you are putting their needs before your profits.

  • Set up band stands and introduce live music


Having live music at your establishment is a great motive for people to come and have a drink at your bar. It lightens spirits and acts as a unique selling point as well! You can also introduce festive games or pub quizzes as another way for your customers to enjoy themselves during their time spent in your bar!

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