Combining functionality with interior design

Whether you are undergoing a shop fit out or are just need in of a fresh update; a new interior design should be as grand as it is practical. Often people are mistaken for thinking that one aspect needs to be sacrificed for the other, however this is simply not the case anymore. With more streamlined and modern designs taking centre stage, there are plenty of ways in which you can adopt a functional aesthetic look throughout your space. In this article, we will consider varied and ingenious methods to create an area which is just as functional as it is beautiful.


Form follows function
This is very important to keep in mind when creating a new interior for your space. This will help you decide what will add to both the functionality and design of your project. It also reminds you that while something may look physically appealing, that doesn’t guarantee it will be useful once you have bought it.
This is a common problem amongst buyers and often leads to buyer’s remorse. This is the name for the feeling of immediate regret after buying something that provides little to no benefit to you. This is harmless when done occasionally, but when undertaking an interior update or shop fitting project, you will need to source out the items that are as practical aswell as aesthetic looking.


Plan ahead
Decide on what you want and what you need this space to be for you. If you are planning to go ahead with a shopfitting project, you need to be clear on what spaces are most important in your shop and visualise what aspects of it could be improved either functionally or aesthetically. Once you have prioritised what fundamentally needs to be changed, you can then focus on the finer details. Functionality needs to be layered throughout your shop, to provide a backbone for the visual features. Planning will lend itself towards the smaller details as time passes.


Compact design
In small areas, using space to your advantage is incredibly important. This can be achieved through embracing the flow of the room, through an open plan concept. This layout creates more floor space, giving the sense of a bigger area. Natural light will be more accessible with an open plan design, inviting a feeling of freshness into the room.
Through utilising furniture such as floating shelves and wall joinery, you can pack a lot into a small place. This frees up the middle of your room for what is the most important, since your wall space is being used very efficiently.


Interior design trends are frequent and fleeting
Trends and patterns in interior design are revived and recycled very quickly. New designs and movements are emerging with each passing season, so it is important to find something to ground your design project with.

This means finding architecture or décor which is timeless. Bringing out the fundamental features of your home or establishment, such as room beams or brickwork. The result of this is to create a bold and confident area, with a rustic and homely atmosphere.
Of course, you can take a more subtle approach to this concept; interior décor often needs updating, but heirlooms, artefacts and antiques do not. These items are relics of the past so displaying them will naturally intrigue your guests or customers. Retro items are a great way to evoke a feeling of nostalgia into your room’s atmosphere.


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