Revamping your Office space during Lockdown

As we all find ourselves spending more of our time working from home than usual, now may be the perfect time to consider revamping your empty office space, helping to freshen up your interior design and bring a new lease of life into your workspace before your employees are allowed to safely return to work as normal. Below, we will discuss some of the ways that you can work to transform your workspace, helping to provide your employees with an office space that fosters motivation and productivity.

When thinking of an office space, neutral tones of beige are usually what come to mind. However, a change as simple as adding a pop of colour to your surroundings can work wonders for transforming a space and providing your employees with a work environment that will both motivate them and provide welcome change after having spent so many months working from home.
Adding colour to your offices by painting the walls may seem like a fairly straight forward refurbishment tip, but can help to really transform a workspace, fostering productivity in your task force.
There are numerous shades of green that can contribute when working towards fostering a work environment that promotes focus and can aid employee’s concentration, also helping to tie in with more natural and environmentally conscious themes that have been popular within commercial interior design as of late. Using decorative shades such as sage green or olive green within your office refurbishment can be a great way to modernise and freshen up a space with minimal effort and without the use of colour becoming too overpowering. Just one accent wall could make a huge difference to how your workforce perceives their office space.

The introduction of indoor plants into your office space can also work wonders for helping you to revamp your workspace with minimal effort, also playing into more natural themes popular within commercial interior design as previously mentioned. Incorporating greenery into your interior design through the use of houseplants may also be a welcome change after having spent a large portion of last year indoors, helping to brighten up your surroundings.

Overall, there a quite a few simple yet highly effective ways that you can work to revamp your offices, helping to modernise and bring a new lease of life to the space before your employees are allowed to safely return to work. If you are looking, however, to completely transform the look of your offices, a full professional office fit out may be the best option for you, allowing you to completely remodel the look of your workspace.

If you’re considering a complete office refurbishment for your company, find out more about the interior fit out servicesthat Lake Contracts provide.