Using Design as a unique selling point for your Restaurant

Designing a restaurant space that is both eye-catching and welcoming is no easy task, being a task that heavily involves paying attention to your company’s target audience, the type of establishment that you are aiming to be, and even the environment that you are operating in. Once these factors are decided upon, you can begin to consider the finer details of what you wish to incorporate into your work space. In this article, we aim to discuss what you should be considering when redesigning a restaurant, helping you to use well-thought-out design as a unique selling point for your company.


The exterior of your restaurant is what your first time potential customers are first greeted with, so it is vital that your establishment aims to leave a good impression from the get go. The majority of individuals tend to decide upon whether or not they like something within the first 7 seconds, so there is not a lot of room for error!

Therefore, it is important to foster a welcoming atmosphere that will help to draw people in; good lighting is a great way to do this. How you choose to approach your lighting style is completely up to you, lighting that uses a subtle warm tone can work encourage your guests to explore further, whereas bright light that lights your entire store front will create a more dramatic environment.


Restaurants should also be making the most of their outside areas during their refurbishment projects, as this can work to make a space more visually appealing without wasting too much of the overall budget. Outside areas should be kept as visually appealing as the inside, the addition of canopies, plants or water features, or even seating areas proving greatly beneficial. However, above all else, it should be ensured that the exterior of your restaurant is kept clean and tidy at all times.


While the overall design element of your restaurant is completely subjective to an individual’s own style, your target audience should be strongly considered when making major interior design decisions; incorporating your customers, your environment, and the atmosphere surrounding your restaurant into your design is always a wise move. Businesses should look to add personality into their restaurant design, adding in features such as pictures on the walls, chandeliers, and fireplaces that will create a positive atmosphere in your establishment.


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