Restaurant Design Trends for 2021

With the announcement of the Government’s roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions, it is expected that establishments such as bars and restaurants will be able to return to business as usual from as early as May 17th, meaning now may be a better time than ever to consider refreshing the interior design of your restaurant. In the article below, our team will discuss the best upcoming trends in restaurant refurbishment, helping you to revamp the look of your business.


Colour Scheme According to Theme


The use of colour within your interior design as a way to indicate the theme or concept of your establishment is a trend that we are expecting to see resurface within 2021. While this is not a completely new concept, it is quite a significant feature regularly seen within commercial restaurant design, using colour coding as a way to indicate the services provided by an establishment and promote an atmosphere that compliments this. For example, restaurants that serve mainly vegetarian or vegan dishes may opt for an interior muted greens that promote more of a natural atmosphere, while a steakhouse may utilise a deeper colour palette that consists of dark reds and earthy browns.


Unique, Hand-Made Furnishings


Commercial interior design trends for 2021 are expected to focus more upon custom & hand-made furnishings for establishments such as cafes and restaurants, allowing spaces to feel more unique and stand out in comparison to their competitors. This trend is set to see an increase in the use of unique furniture pieces, hand painted feature walls, and even murals and graffiti as a continuation from the street art style that was seen to be popular last summer.


Retro Style


The use of fifties inspired furnishings within your restaurant design is set be a popular design element for the summer of 2021, fostering a unique atmosphere that can help to set your establishment apart from the competition. The combination of both old and new design features offers an intriguing design trend that can help businesses to catch the eye of potential customers, as well as tell a story through their interior design.


Overall, there are several great ways that your restaurant can work to completely transform its interior design ready for Summer 2021, helping to attract customers and give your business a new lease of life. For more ideas, why not take a look at our previous restaurant fit out projects and learn what Lake Contracts can do to help your business thrive.