Getting your bar / restaurant ready for the warmer months

With the warmer months quickly approaching and bars and restaurants expected to resume operation by April, an improvement in the weather could also mean an improvement in your business success. As establishments are allowed to begin seating patrons outdoors under the government’s new coronavirus roadmap, customers will be returning to restaurants across the UK to enjoy themselves in the sun. So, how can businesses work to make their bars and restaurants more appealing to their potential customers? Below, we aim to discuss some of the ways that businesses can work to prepare for the warmer months to come, improving their success when operation resumes.


Deals and Promotional Offers


Appealing to your customer base to assume their return to your restaurant or bar once lockdown restrictions are eased can require the use of numerous marketing tricks, one of the most successful of these being the introduction of special offers to your menu. Offering deals such as ‘two for the price of one’ or ‘buy one get one free’ on some of your menu items is a great way to attract customers to your restaurant or pub and also increases the chances of them returning in the future.


Revamp your Outdoor Space


Making the most of your outdoor areas is set to be an essential part of getting your business back up and running for the warmer months, especially considering pubs and restaurants are restricted to seating their customers in outdoor areas only for their first month of operation. Revamping your outdoor space will provide businesses with a great way to draw in potential customers, and even simple changes such as improving your outdoor furniture and adding plants or lighting to the space can go a long way, making your outdoor seating area much more appealing to its patrons.

However, as customers will be unable to move inside in the event of rain, businesses should also consider the set-up of a gazebo or awning, meaning customers will still be able to enjoy their visit to your establishment without having to face the elements.


Overall, there are a number of ways that your business can prepare for operation in the warmer months, helping to attract your customer base and improve the success of your restaurant or pub. To learn more about quality restaurant fit outs and the ways that you can improve the interior design of your business, why not discover what Lake Contracts can do to help.