Summer 2021 Bar Design Trends

With bars and pubs reopening for outside operations across the UK, and plans for indoor service to resume in the near future well underway, now may be the ideal time for your company to consider updating the interior design of your establishment, in preparation for welcoming customers back inside your bar. Within the below article, Lake Contracts will discuss some of the up-and-coming pub refurbishment trends for 2021, helping you to transform the look of your company.

Rustic Style Furniture

Having spent the majority of our time indoors over the past year, the introduction of more natural elements, such as plants and unique furniture pieces made from reclaimed wood, to your workspace may come as a welcome change to your customers and employees alike. This can be a great way to incorporate more of the outdoors into the design of your establishment, helping to foster a relaxed and refreshing atmosphere that will make your bar appear more inviting to potential customers.
The introduction of more unique and custom-built rustic furniture pieces to your interior design can also help your business to stand out from your competitors, making your design a great unique selling point.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones are an essential for any colour palette and can help to ensure that your bar space does not become too overwhelming when it comes to bright and contrasting colours. However, while greys and cooler neutral tones may have been a staple within popular interior design trends within previous years, too much grey can actually work to make a space feel cold and even unwelcoming, which should be avoided within commercial settings such as pubs and bars.
Similarly, warmer tones such as beige and muted yellows can make a space feel too warm.

To avoid this, neutrals that fall in the middle of the colour spectrum are set to be a popular addition to commercial interior design trends, providing the perfect neutral option for use within your establishment.

Overall, there are many ways in which you can work to completely revamp the look of your bar and pub space, helping to transform the look of your establishment and attract your customer base once normal business resumes. For more information, take a look at our pub fitout projects and learn more about what Lake Contracts is able to do for you.