The main things to consider before undertaking a gym fit out

Undertaking a commercial gym fit out is both an exciting and brave decision. While the concept may sound simple (create a space in which visitors can exercise safely and comfortably,) there is in fact a lot of thought and planning that must go into making it viable. Enjoying and working out in the gym can be the fun part, but that’s for later. First, you have work to do. Here are the main considerations to keep in mind for planning a gym fit out and putting it into action:

  1. Venue Size

This may sound obvious but it’s one that can easily go wrong if you don’t plan for what you want in advance. There are many different types and styles of gym, so first have a set idea in mind of what you want yours to be, then you can carefully plan the space around that. Weight zones for example require enough room for numerous people to work out at once as well as suitable flooring in case of frequent drops. Plans can change over time so try to be flexible, but it’s always best to go in having some idea of what you want so you know how much space you’ll need.

  1. Know what your customer wants

Opening or reforming your own gym may sound ideal if it’s something you’ve always been passionate about, but here’s the thing: you can’t make it exclusively about what you want or like. If you’ve been around this environment for a while then you’ll know what works, and you’ll also know what others like that you may not be so keen on. To be successful your gym will need to appeal to a range of people from different backgrounds and experience levels, not just those like yourself. This doesn’t mean sacrificing your overall vision for the venue but it could mean slight compromises here or there. Ask around, gather various opinions and consider creating a focus group to get to know your potential customers better.

  1. Equipment requirements

You may have a good idea of all the amazing equipment you’re going to get for your gym but are you fully aware of what they’ll need to function effectively? This is another simple but easily overlooked aspect of planning. You’ll need to know where your power outlets will be for the cardio section, for example, as well as how to deal with the electrical leads that you may not want out in the open for customers to potentially trip over. It’s best to consider this before starting to install your flooring or doing major works.

  1. Crunch the numbers

Numbers are vital for any business, whether it’s knowing the amount of visitors you might have at any one time or how much money you need to bring in to break even. There are many considerations that fall under this bracket including staff, insurance and predicted memberships. Even within these, there may be other things to consider such as whether some staff are part-time and if you offer off-peak member rates. Obviously there should be some room for flexibility, especially when it comes to having room for further expansion, but it can’t hurt to start considering those crucial numbers early in the planning stage of a gym fit out. Make decisions based on what you feel is realistic, perhaps with the help of a financial expert.

  1. Make guests feel at home

Of course, most of us go to the gym not to relax but to push ourselves, work hard and earn those endorphins. This can feel easier when it’s a place people enjoy coming to and being in. Consider how the layout and decor of your gym might welcome people in and encourage them to come back even if they’re struggling with their workout. Perhaps have easy-to-read signage to prevent anyone getting lost or pleasant staff on duty so those unsure of their equipment can rest assured a professional is there to help.

It is important to keep these five core considerations in mind as you get in touch with gym fit out companies and turn your dream into a reality.

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