Commercial interior design tips for Winter

With the Summer seasons having drawn to a close, now is the time of year that we begin preparing for the upcoming cooler Winter months. As we will all be spending more of our time indoors and your customers will be making less use of your establishment’s commercial outdoor spaces, now may offer the ideal time to update your interior design, fostering a cosy and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for the colder weather we are soon to be seeing. In this article, our interior fit out experts at Lake Contracts will look into the best interior design tips and tricks for Winter, helping you to design a space that you can be proud of.


Adopt a Green Colour Palette


In recent years, more muted and neutral tones have been seen to make a huge comeback within popular interior design trends, and green harnesses these qualities like no other. These varying, natural shades are the perfect addition to any commercial space, helping you to foster a cosy and welcoming atmosphere within your pub, bar, or restaurant refurbishment. Whether used for smaller embellishments such as curtains and throw pillows, or as a new paint or wallpaper colour to completely update the look of your interior design, darker shades of green, such as olive and khaki, offer a great way for businesses to introduce more natural elements into their commercial establishment, making it the perfect choice this upcoming winter.


Use Natural Materials


Following on from the trend of incorporating natural elements into our commercial interior design, the use of natural materials goes hand in hand with the use of green within your interior colour palette. These natural features and botanical aesthetics have quickly become commonplace within popular design trends, so it’s unsurprising that the use of more natural materials has become intwined with how we choose to decorate indoor commercial spaces. Wooden furniture, such as tables and shelving units, offer a great way to bring these natural features into your establishment, bringing a rustic feel to your refurbishment that is ideal for the cooler season.


If you’re looking for more inspiration or design tips for your upcoming interior fit out this Winter, discover what Lake Contracts are able to do for you.