How can your interior design influence workplace productivity?

It’s no surprise that when picturing a corporate office space, dull interior design is often what comes to mind. These uninspired design decisions with their use of shades of grey and beige can have a great impact upon the overall productivity of your workforce, leaving staff feeling unmotivated and even unsatisfied within their place of work.

If you’re planning an interior fit out for your corporate office, it’s important to consider the influence that your design choices will have upon the productivity and motivation of your staff. A work space that fosters a positive and motivating atmosphere is much more likely to house a happy and successful workforce, so it’s important that your upcoming fit out is done well.

In the article below, Lake Contracts will discuss the importance of interior design for workplace productivity, and the common office design mistakes that you should avoid.


Beige Colour Palettes


As previously mentioned, bland colour palettes consisting of shades of beige and grey are often thought to be synonymous with corporate office design. However, interiors that rely too heavily on these neutral shades commonly produce dull and uninspiring workspaces that will do nothing to keep you and your staff feeling motivated and productive.

While it’s almost impossible to avoid these more neutral tones completely, they shouldn’t take over your office’s colour scheme.

Bold colours are a great way to bring vibrance and interest into an otherwise uninspiring working environment, and aren’t something that business owners should shy away from when deciding on the colour palette for their upcoming interior fit out. Popular colour theory suggests that warmer shades, such as oranges and yellows, are ideal for fostering inspiration and productivity, and can go hand-in-hand with motivational office design.



Uncomfortable Furniture Design


Poorly designed office furniture can greatly hinder the productivity of your workplace, increasing the chances that your employees develop future issues, such as poor posture and lower back pain, often associated with lower quality furniture options and sitting down for longer periods of time.

Working to introduce health conscious seating and office furniture options into your interior design can enhance not only the quality of your work space, but the health and wellbeing of your staff too. Investing in quality seating that promotes good posture, and even standing desks that encourage employees to take a break from sitting down, are simple yet highly impactful ways that you can elevate your office interior design.


To learn more about what you can do to improve your office interior design and boost the productivity of your workforce, discover what our experts at Lake contracts are able to do for your upcoming interior fit out.