Sustainable Lighting options to promote Environmentally Friendly Interior Design

All of us should be making changes within our everyday lives to be more environmentally friendly and eco conscious, helping to work towards a greener and brighter future – the same can be said about the sustainability of our interior design.

Each year, more businesses across the UK are choosing to undergo sustainability focused interior fit outs, reducing their energy consumption to foster an environmentally conscious workplace. Considering that lighting within commercial properties can account for up to 40% of a business’ total energy consumption, it’s no wonder that the popularity of more sustainable lighting options is on the rise.

In the article below, our team at Lake Contracts will discuss some of the best sustainable lighting options for your upcoming commercial fitout, helping your business to promote more environmentally friendly interior design.


LED Lighting


Incandescent lighting is a thing of the past. By simply making the switch to LED light bulbs, business can work to reduce their lighting energy use by as much as 75%! LED lighting is a great way to promote eco conscious interior design within your commercial property, reducing electricity waste to help you save on your energy bills.


Sensors and Dimmers


Installing light dimmers or motion sensors in your business establishment is a great way to avoid unnecessary electricity waste that is harmful to both the environment and the cost of your energy bills, helping you to avoid situations where the lights in your property are left switched on accidentally. Motion sensors and light dimmers offer a great way for businesses to adopt more energy efficient practices, promoting sustainability within the workplace.


Natural Lighting


Another way that your business can work to incorporate more sustainable lighting options into your interior design is to make the most of any natural light. Maximising the amount of natural light being allowed into your commercial establishment through the installation of larger windows and skylights is a great way to cut out the need for artificial lighting almost entirely. This change will not only allow your business to cut down on electricity waste and the cost of its energy bills, but natural lighting is also a great way to promote productivity in the workplace, improving the health and happiness of your employees!


Investing in more sustainable lighting options is a great decision for any business, helping to promote environmentally friendly practices within the workplace while creating a space that is more inviting to customers. If you’re considering the use of sustainable interior design for your upcoming interior fit out, learn more about what our team at Lake Contracts can do to help.