Using effective office partitioning

Allocating different sections within your office is a great way to break up the space for different purposes and people. It helps give your office a flow and keep it organised. Partitioning is a really great, cost effective way to introduce structure within the workplace, whilst also being very easy to assemble and dismantle.

You are able to get many different types of partitioning within your office, which provide different levels of privacy and functions. In this article we will explore the different types of partitioning that you can implement within your work space, and the benefits of using them.


Glass Partitioning

Glass portioning is amongst the most popular form of sectioning within office spaces. It provides a good balance of privacy and transparency within the work place. Glass portioning also has the added factor of allowing natural light into your space, and can be frosted for extra privacy. Glass partitioning also has the added benefit of being able to provide extra insulation through double glazing.


Temporary partitioning

Temporary barriers such as curtains or concertina, can be handy for separating office spaces for meetings or events, without having a permanent structure in place. This can be very useful for hotel rooms or smaller offices, to help divide the room and allocate sections for different purposes.


Stud partitioning

This is the most basic form of partitioning available. Usually comprised of a metal or polycarbonate frame, this is effectively the skeleton of the barrier, usually covered with plasterboard or a similar material to complete the partition.



These are ideal for smaller partitions within an office space, for individual employees. This really helps promote individual employee efficiency, whilst still allowing for communication to flow well between each employee.


Timber partitions

Timber partitions lie on the higher quality end of the spectrum, providing elegant transitions into different allocated areas within your workspace. The structures themselves make a great statement, especially those created from hardwood material.


It is so important to provide different sections within your workspace, as it assists with designating particular areas for specific functions, and makes navigating the workplace a lot more efficient.  This in turn allows for a more structured framework for your work environment, and improves the output from your employee’s work.

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