How your office design impacts employee engagement

Over the past few years, employers have recognised that providing a functional and inviting workplace makes for better employee engagement. Through different methods and techniques, we can engage our workforce and provide a better space for them to work with more motivation, efficiency and morale. This in turn benefits everyone involved- employer and employee. In this article, we are going to explore the different ways we can create a better workspace for everyone by being mindful of employee engagement.


Communication comes first

Employee engagement starts at good communication. Having an environment where people can easily converse, innovate and bounce ideas of one another is imperative to keeping employee productivity at a high standard.

With this in mind, creating a space for your employees to have formal and informal conversations and interactions should be a priority. Many offices are now allocating more than just one chair per employee, with chairs located at the workers desk, in communal seating areas with big couches and standing desks, or in a collaboration centre designed to help innovate ideas through communication. Having these areas in place opens up your office and provides more creative opportunities within the workplace.


Inclusive spaces

According to a study conducted by Harvard business review, back in 2011, employees are 37% more productive, and seven times more likely to stay when they feel connected to the company. This is a huge statistic, and should definitely be worth thinking about when designing an office space.

Creating a work place that reflects your company’s ideology of inclusiveness and diversity, will engage your employees really well. Things such as open plan office spaces, communal areas, clear doorways into office and good lighting, all work together to provide a space that your employees will enjoy spending time in.


Keeping the balance

Of course, there are a wide range of employees to accommodate for, and every individual work well in different conditions, some may prefer quiet, small spaces to work, and others may prefer a large communal environment to work more efficiently. Keeping the balance between open plan areas for creativity to flow, and quieter spaces for working hard, provides an accommodating place to work, whilst not alienating any of your workers through the design.


Removing the clutter

Clutter is often seen as a hindrance to working efficiently, with 13.5% of employees surveyed agreeing that a clear workspace drives their performance and efficiency.

Especially within open plan offices, keeping wires tied and out of sight, filing papers correctly and having proper storage for your files, makes the space look a lot tidier and more inviting. Having a messy and unorganised area will only distract any current employees from working to their full capacity, as well as put off any potential new employees or clients.


Providing a space in which your employees can work efficiently, socialise, or receive some privacy, will be extremely helpful for your business as you go forward, and help build relationships within the workplace too. If you are looking for an interior fit out contractor or some ideas for office redesigns, then why not contact us today!