Upcoming design trends for 2021

With 2020 swiftly reaching its end, now may be the perfect time for pubs and restaurants alike to consider revamping the interior design of their establishments, helping them to stay up to date and continue to entice customers. In the below article, we discuss the interior design trends expected to be seen in 2021, allowing you to rejuvenate the look of your business.


Minimalist Art

Minimalist art that can blend effortlessly into any given interior theme is expected to be a huge design trend throughout 2021. Inspired by design trends popularised within Scandinavian homes, minimalism in interior design encourages us to buy only things that are both useful and well-designed, preventing a space from becoming over cluttered.


The use of minimalist art pieces is set to be a particularly effective design choice within both pub and restaurant settings, helping to add to a space without becoming too overwhelming to customers frequenting your establishment.


Textured Walls

Texture walls are expected to be a large upcoming trend within 2021 that will likely have a great impact upon popular restaurant and pub fit out decisions. Natural materials such as marble, stone, and even wooden beams and wall panels are set to play a large part within the textured wall trend, helping to add depth and interest to a space.

If done correctly, the use of a textured feature wall within your establishment could work to attract the attention of potential customers and is an easily achievable design feature, certain wallpaper designs such as white marble producing the same effect.


Inviting Neutrals

Neutrals are a must in any colour palette, helping to ensure that a space does not become overwhelmed by too many contrasting colours. Grey has been a staple within popular interior design for quite some time, however, without the correct balance of contrasting colours, the use of too much grey within a colour palette can leave a space feeling cold and even uninviting, which is a side effect that should be avoided, particularly within commercial settings such as bars and restaurants. Similarly, the use of too much beige can be too warm.

As a result, neutral tones that fall in the middle of this colour spectrum are set to rise in popularity within 2021, providing a perfect neutral colour to opt for when aiming to promote an inviting atmosphere in your establishment.


Overall, there are some great upcoming design trends that pub and restaurant owners alike can utilise to keep their workspace up to date for 2021, helping to revamp their business and attract customers. For more inspiration for your next fit out project, why not browse our case studies and discover what Lake Contracts can do for you.