The importance of Good Lighting in a Commercial Setting

No matter the style of interior design used within a commercial space, the quality of your lighting plays a huge roll in how your business and its décor will be perceived by customers and can have a huge impact on your overall customer satisfaction. Taking this into account, it is extremely beneficial to spend time assessing your lighting choices, considering all necessary factors to make sure you decide on the best option for you, creating the ideal environment for your customers.
Below, we discuss some of the factors that you should be considering when deciding on lighting for your establishment, helping you to make the best choice for your upcoming interior fitout project.


Lighting Design


When it comes down to aesthetics and overall design, opting for high quality, good-level lighting is futile if pairs with cheap fittings that don’t fit your setting or design; this could ruin the effect that you are trying to achieve. It should be ensured that fully functional, aesthetically pleasing lighting fixtures are factored into the equation when choosing the lighting for your establishment. Ensure your options fit well with your overall design of your business and do not work to clash with any other design features.


Time of Day


Take into consideration the times of day in which your business tends to operate. For businesses such as restaurants that operate at different times of the day, the use of adjustable lighting may prove useful. For example, brighter lighting may be better suited when serving breakfast of brunch whereas dimmer lighting would be more appropriate when serving food in the evening, helping to create a more subdued and inviting atmosphere for customers while also ensuring lighting is not too harsh in comparison to the level of natural light outside.


Health and Safety


It goes without saying that there are a number of health and safety requirements that businesses must follow in order to ensure the safety of both their staff and customers; proper lighting is one of these. Business safety requirements are to be taken into consideration when choosing the lighting to be used within your establishment, ensuring that your final lighting decision is both safe and stylish.


To conclude, proper lighting plays a large role in the overall design of your business establishment, helping to provide a safe environment for both staff and customers while also tying greatly into the overall design and aesthetics of your work space. Lighting has a huge impact on the look and mood of your environment, so should be considered carefully for your upcoming interior fit out project.