What To Do if Your Shop Fit Out Goes Wrong

Experiencing issues with your shop fit out can be frustrating and disruptive to your business. When things don’t go according to plan, it’s essential to take action promptly. In this article, we’ll guide you through the necessary steps to resolve any problems with your shop fit out.  

Whether you choose to amend any issues with the assistance of your previous fit out contractor, or seek the help of our team at Lake Contracts, we’ve got you covered. 

Someone wearing a red squared shirt pattern communicating their issues with the shop fit out the had. There is a lady blurred in the background wearing a grey blazer actively listening.

Addressing Issues with Your Contractor 

If your shop fit out doesn’t meet your expectations, your first course of action should be to address the issues directly with your contractor. Effective communication is vital during this process. 


Communicate Your Concerns Clearly 

Reach out to your contractor to express your dissatisfaction, or inform them of any specific issues that you’ve identified with your final  fit out. It’s important to communicate your concerns in a clear and detailed manner, outlining the areas that require attention and the desired resolution. Be specific about what isn’t meeting your expectations and provide examples or evidence if possible. This will help to ensure that your contractor understands the exact problems that you are facing, allowing them to provide the best possible solution. 


Request a Return Visit 

Ask your contractor to schedule a return visit to rectify any problems that you may have identified with the fit out. It’s essential to provide them with a reasonable timeframe to complete the necessary repairs or adjustments. Having a set deadline will help keep the process moving forward and ensure that the issues are resolved promptly. 

  Man wearing a livid shirt. He is writing on a paper what went wrong in the shop fit out, he is using a black and golden colour pen. the papers are located on a black table and the background is blurred.

Document the Issues 

To support your claims in the case of any disputes, it’s advisable that you take photographs or videos of any of the issues you are encountering. Visual documentation can help to provide a clear understanding of any issues and serve as supporting material throughout the resolution process. Additionally, maintain a record of all communication with your contractor, including emails and written correspondence. This documentation will help you keep track of the progress and any agreements made. 


Seeking Help from Lake Contracts 

If your attempts to resolve the issues with your contractor prove ineffective or unsatisfactory, you can turn to Lake Contracts for professional assistance. Our experts offer specialised shopfitting services to provide a quality level of service and rectify the problems that you’re facing. 


Tailored Solutions for Your Shop 

Lake Contracts offers tailored solutions to meet your individual shopfitting needs. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your vision and rectify any problems, providing a comprehensive plan that addresses any specific issues that you have encountered to ensure that your shop fit out is completed to your satisfaction. With our expertise, our contractors at Lake Contracts can enhance the overall design and functionality of your shop. 


In the end… 

Encountering issues with your shop fit out can be frustrating, but taking the right steps to resolve them promptly is crucial. Whether you choose to address the problems with your contractor, or seek assistance from Lake Contracts, effective communication and documentation is key. 

 By clearly communicating your concerns, requesting a return visit, and documenting the issues, you can increase the chances of a successful resolution with your contractor.
However, if those efforts are unsuccessful, Lake Contracts are ready to provide their professional expertise and experience to rectify any problems and ensure that your shop fit out meets your expectations.  

With our support, and the right approach, you can achieve the shop fit out that you always envisioned, so don’t hesitate to contact us straight away!