Keeping safe with electrics in renovation projects

Electricity plays a key role in modern society. According to the department of business, energy and industrial strategy, the total consumption of electricity in the United Kingdom was a combined total of 300.91TWh.
However, as much as electricity is useful, it can also be very dangerous. It is estimated that a total of 6 workers died annually between the period 2012/13 – 2016/17 due contact with electricity on renovation sites. These injuries may have occurred directly either through electric shocks or burns. Indirect injuries are majorly caused by electric shocks that result in falls.


For the workers involved in a renovation project, there are laws and regulation documented for them to comply, in order to guarantee their safety against risks caused by electricity. The Electricity at work regulations – 1989 (UK) outlines the legal implications for workers to ensure their safety by focusing on key areas such as systems, equipment, precautions.



Personal Safety 
Equipment necessary for handling electrical materials should be provided to any person(s) coming into contact with electricity before renovation begins. This is for the purpose of their safety at work due to electricity exposure. Some of this protective equipment includes electrical gloves, insulated footwear, protective eyewear, helmet, and face-shields.


Systems Management 
It is quite important before the renovation work begins that the workers involved fully understand the entire electrical system of the project. This can be done in conjunction with the person(s) of the original project. This allows for the electrics systems not to be compromised in any way, therefore, ensuring the safety of the workers.


Equipment Management 
Electrical equipment should be carefully handled and most importantly, by the person(s) who have the knowledge to be able to do so. Secondly, it is vital that all electric material such as wires are covered with insulating material. Making contact with naked wires may lead to electrical shock which may be fatal.

Ensure that electrics are properly earthed during the renovation process. An electrical material is said to be earthed when it is connected to the ground by conductors capable of carrying current and discharging its electrical energy to the earth. This reduces any chances of electric shocks.

Necessary safety precaution should be taken to prevent any electrical equipment which has been made dead during renovation work such as plumbing, from being electrically charged to expose any electrical danger to workers.


Lighting Management 
Electrical equipment that produces light requires safety precaution measures to be considered also. This majorly includes bulbs which should be protected from breaking. If a bulb breaks normally the filament inside it is exposed. This is dangerous as it may pose an electrical hazard.
LED bulbs are usually highly recommended for lighting since they produce low amounts of heat which reduces the chances of causing a fire.


Extreme caution is required when dealing with electrics in any renovation project because electricity can kill. It is important to have competent and skilled workers to ensure safety and lower the risk of any injuries occurring.


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