Gas safety practices in renovation works

While doing renovation works there are some safety steps you need to take to make sure that no problems develops in the process. This includes one of the most delicate systems in almost all properties, the gas system and appliances. Ignoring the gas system while constructing or renovating is one of the most serious mistakes you can ever make. This is something that can end up being catastrophic to both the homeowner / tenants and the workers and so it should be dealt with seriously.

There are a number of protocols that need to be adhered to make sure proper installation of the gas system has been done. You should make sure that the policies have been compiled to and have been found to conform to the rules and regulations of legislation within the United Kingdom.

There are some of the gas safety tips that you can apply to your property whether private or commercial that will make sure you are safe and free of any gas problems.


Make sure your gas supply system and appliances are checked annually
It is very important to make a follow up and get a certified gas engineer to check your gas system and appliances annually or even quarterly. Even if you had a specialist who installed the gas system and appliances, you need to do ‘check-ups’ just to make sure that every single thing is in place. The appliances might have suffered wear and tear and by getting the gas appliances checked you might be saving yourself from a lot of trouble.


Make sure the gas engineer is registered
Not everyone in the UK is allowed to handle gas installations as well as gas inspections. For you to get the required quality services you should always enquire to make sure that the engineer is registered with the gas safe register. You should also make sure that he/she is doing what he is registered to do. Make sure you check their gas safe IDs just to be sure. You can also check in the gas safe website by keying in his/her ID number in the slot provided.


Make sure all your gas works are inspected after renovation or construction 
Once the gas works are done and completed it is very critical to ensure that you get it inspected by a certified gas safe engineer. You should also notify the Local authority so that you are served with a certificate. This way you will be sure that the gas installation was done successfully and you will be following the rules and regulations surrounding this area. This is mostly very important to those who own commercial or business use properties, but for dwellings also.


The above three main safety tips should always be adhered to if at all you want to have a gas safe venue. Ensure you get certification after every new installation is made. This way you will be able to be sure that the installations were carried out successfully and up to the required standard.



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