How to establish a welcoming atmosphere for your Bar

Ensuring that the final design of your upcoming interior fitout project is one that works to foster a welcoming atmosphere for your pub or bar is not an easy task, but instead one that requires taking your target audience into account; as well as the kind of establishment that you are running. Laying out the basics for these two main factors will help you to effectively hone in on all of the finer details that you wish to incorporate into your interior fit out project, creating an end results that will fit your vision and help to attract the appropriate customer base.


When working to foster a welcoming atmosphere for your bar or restaurant, its important to first consider the outside of your establishment, as this is the first impression that many customers will get on your business. It’s vital that you work to make a good impression before they’ve even stepped through the door!
Installing proper lighting that will help to keep any outdoor spaces well lit is a great way for your restaurant to create an inviting atmosphere that will help to draw in any potential customers, but how you choose to execute this is entirely dependant on the theme of your restaurant and the kind of environment that you wish to create. Using bright light outside your restaurant, such as flood lights, can help to capture the attention of passers-by and make the front of your establishment more eye-catching to customers, whereas using subtle, warm toned lighting can make your restaurant come off as calm and relaxing, inviting any potential guests to explore further.

Allowing guests to see inside your establishment from the outdoors is another very simple, yet highly effective, design feature that you could consider as to make your bar or restaurant appear more welcoming to customers. This gives your business a sense of transparency, yet also allows any potential guests to assess the overall mood and tone of your restaurant before choosing to step inside.


Other design elements that you choose to incorporate into your restaurant should follow the overall theme that you wish for your establishment to convey, but your target audience and the location of your business should also be taken into account when finalising your design. A traditional American diner design might make sense in more populated locations such as the city, but may not be the best idea in the middle of the country; factors such as these should always be taken into account when considering the final design of your pub or restaurant.


Overall, there are many ways in which you can work to make your restaurant or pub more welcoming to your potential customers, but ensuring that you make a great first impression is key! To learn more about what Lake Contracts can do for you, take a look at our restaurant refurbishment services.