Design tips for remodelling a smaller commercial space

When refurbishing a commercial space, many of us picture a bright and spacious area that will help to foster a positive and welcoming environment for your business. However, not all of us will have an endless amount of space that we are able to work with, meaning utilising the space that you have available is an important task. In the article below, Lake Contracts will discuss the ways in which you can work to make the most of the space that you have, fostering a welcoming environment within your commercial space.


Avoid a darker colour palette


While a diverse colour scheme can help to attract the attention of your target customer base and add a sense of personality to the design of your commercial space, colours that are of a darker shade can often work to make a space appear smaller. Ideally, this should be avoided when working to refurbish a smaller environment. By keeping the walls of your establishment white, or another lighter colour, and instead adding brighter and more dynamic colours into your design through the use of wall art and other decoration, you can achieve a light and welcoming atmosphere. The use of a lighter colour palette can help to make a space feel larger, avoiding a cramped atmosphere.


Declutter your space


One of the best ways that you can conserve space when refurbishing a smaller commercial establishment is by getting rid of any tools or decorations that are no longer serving a purpose, helping to declutter and make more room for the more important furniture and equipment. While this may seem like a fairly obvious step, decluttering your space of anything that you no longer is a great way to free up more space and help your establishment to feel less cramped.


Investing in high quality storage and shelving is a great way to declutter your commercial space, freeing up floor and table space while providing a dedicated place to display any decoration. This will help to add a sense of personality to your establishment, fostering a welcoming environment that will appeal to your customer base.


There are a number of ways that you can work to optimise a smaller space, avoiding a cramped establishment and helping to make the most of the space that you have. To learn more about the ways in which Lake Contracts can help to transform your commercial space, view our previous projects now.