How to get the perfect retail fit out

Imagine you have just been approached and this is your project brief. You would probably not know where to start or have an idea which direction the project should be heading in.

Thankfully most ‘professionals’ who carry out this work are knowledgeable and comfortable with such daunting tasks, but even they had to start and learn somewhere. In this article we will look at some tips and factors that can you set you on a good path to achieving a perfect retail fit out.

The first tip and thing to think about is to become a shopper first in your own mind. If you were asked what could be done to improve a venue what would you say? At this stage it is fine to let you imagine run, but many of us are constrained by a budget therefore the next step would be to refine this in to what is practical and possible and take that as a starting point.

Remember the whole point about a retail establishment is it aims to bring a simple conversion process to fruition. This is to turn people who browse into people who buy and spend money. When you are thinking about your next retail fit out, bear this in mind at every stage of your plan. It can sometimes help to utilise shopping behaviour habits via research or perhaps even conduct some of your own (specific to your business.)

The next step which can be taken (which is an adaptation of the above) is to look and think about your competitors. What are their retail establishments like? How popular are they? Is the revenue and turnover positive and profitable? In business there is no real magic formula to success. If you own a retail establishment you know full well that the customer is priority, so how is this achieved in terms of the layout and atmosphere of the establishments? You may not practically be able to get all the answers here but you can certainly come away with ideas of inspiration and potential aspects to explore which you may also find work for you aswell.

Another way to obtain an impressive retail shop fit out is to remember that you are more than just a shop selling product/s. Aim to create a story or imagine behind your brand or products. This involves not only thinking about the look and layout of your store but how it feels also – more specifically how it would feel to your customers. The whole point about this is about engagement, and just how and how well people connect with your brand or outlet. If you can get this right and bring it into the fit out project, then you are well on your way to achieving success. Remember that people like to feel connected to something or someone. Bring this into your fit out process.

Some of the principles and concepts in this posting are a little more advanced and perhaps require more work and thought in order to carry out and achieve the desired result. Incorporating these tips will surely lead to a better retail fit out project and you will be surprised at just what a positive difference is made!

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