A plan for restaurant renovation

In this blog post rather than focusing on what actually a restaurant renovation consists of, we are not going to run before we can walk! Before any project starts, there should be a comprehensive and well thought out plan which goes into intricate detail of the potential project which may lie ahead. In our latest posting we look more closely at this planning stage and some of the things to consider for a successful restaurant renovation project.

The first thing to point out is like with any overhaul project, it can be very time consuming and many difficulties can present. The trick is if you can make time at this stage, not only will it make things go smoother, but it will allow you to be less constrained in any thoughts or ideas you come up.

The first main thing you actually need to do is look at your current restaurant in terms of both design and layout to see whether it meets your expectations. Chances are it doesn’t as you wouldn’t even be contemplating this. Think about what you might want, remembering the idea is for the establishment to be functional, popular and comply with regulations. Getting a designer can really help with this point as they are full of ideas which can be made (at least partly) visual, so you can begin to appreciate what a change might look like.

Don’t forget the chances are it probably isn’t just the restaurant area you want renovating, but the other areas too – this includes the kitchen, bar and maybe even the toilets.

The next thing to think about is what you actually want to do. Being mindful of potential budgets is key at this time. Do you require a simple makeover procedure or are you looking to totally overhaul the establishment? One idea which is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants is to ‘open’ the kitchen out so it is viewable to guests. This may not be ideal for you or your budget however so think carefully and look into this further.

Not only do you need to think about the bigger picture, but you must focus on the smaller and specifics aswell. Will you be changing worktops or utilities? Is the furniture dated or perhaps does not complement your new plan and so will need changing? If you are thinking of expanding or reducing the size of your restaurant, you will almost certainly need to consider these points anyway, but you may take the decision to address the small details at the same time been as you are having work carried out. It makes sense to do everything at once rather than losing extra time and revenue later down the line.

We can’t stress enough that when it comes to restaurant renovation planning is critical. This simple posting shows some of the most important factors, but there are of course, many more! You will find that it is only if you have a sound plan that design ideas will be much easier and it will actually make the renovation process more successful too.

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