Should you be Practicing Mindfulness in the Workplace?

Mindfulness is a skill that we should all be working towards throughout all aspects of our everyday lives. Whether you work in an office or in the hospitality sector, the workplace can be an extremely fast paced, and sometimes stressful, environment – practicing mindfulness is a great way to stay alert and aware of your surroundings while at work, allowing you to thrive.

To learn more about how mindfulness can act as a beneficial tool within the workplace, we must first learn more about what it means to be mindful.


What is Mindfulness?


Put simply, workplace mindfulness refers to how mindful we are of our workplace settings, helping to focus upon the here and now while staying present within our environment. Those practicing mindfulness within the workplace focus on the present, remaining conscious of the task at hand and choosing not to worry over the past or future.


What are the Benefits of Practicing Workplace Mindfulness?


Practicing mindfulness in the workplace holds a number of great benefits, helping you to improve overall job satisfaction and thrive within your work environment. Workplace mindfulness will allow you to enhance your workplace performance and wellbeing, enhancing your working memory, persistence, confidence, and decreasing rumination.

Mindfulness within the workplace is also great for promoting heightened intuition, bettering your decision making skills and leading to improved task performance. This is great for refining your efficiency.


Workplace mindfulness can play a significant role in the development of healthy workplace relationships and a positive working environment. Those practicing workplace mindfulness are much more likely to show higher levels of acceptance towards their colleagues, helping to significantly reduce the possibilities of workplace conflict.


Does your Environment Impact Mindfulness?


Your surrounding environment can greatly affect your ability to practice mindfulness in a number of different ways. The interior design of your commercial workplace can be seen to impact your subconscious, influencing your perception, emotions, and even your train of thought. For workplace mindfulness to be successful, it is vital that your business establishment works to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere with interior design decisions that will have customers and employees alike feeling their best.

Making simple changes to your surroundings, such as the introduction of a brighter, more diverse colour palette as opposed to relying on boring beiges and neutrals can work wonders for your workplace productivity. However, elevating your interior design doesn’t need to stop with just painting the walls!


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