Should you be opting for a CAT A or CAT B fit out for your refurbishment?

Interior fit outs and office refurbishments are essential to any business establishment, helping to ensure a safe working environment and foster a bright, welcoming atmosphere for staff and customers alike. However, if you’re looking to undergo a fit out to transform the look of your business space, it’s important to first decide whether a category A or category B fit out is best suited to you and your requirements. In the article below, Lake Contracts, will discuss the main differences between CAT A and CAT B fit outs, helping you to put your best foot forward.


Category A fit outs

Typically, a CAT A fit out is intended to ensure that an establishment is safe for business operation, providing a more ‘stripped back’ refurbishment that will allow for a company to safely inhabit the space and furnish the interior themselves at a later date. There are a wide range of benefits for business owners who employ the services of a CAT A fit out contractor, providing your company with the freedom to design their own space and foster a welcoming environment that sucessfully expresses the personality of you and your business.

Category A fit outs usually make use of an open plan design and utilise a of a range of services, including:

  • Electrics
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Toilet and washroom systems


Category B fit outs

The help of a CAT B fit out specialist is usually employed once a CAT A fit out has already been undertaken, helping to bring a personal touch to the interior design of your business space and foster an environment that reflects the personality of your company. At Lake Contracts, our contractors offer expert CAT B fit out services that cover everything from design and instillation to upkeep and aftercare, ensuring that every element of your category B fit out is carried out to the highest possible standard.

The services involved in a CAT B fit out will depend entirely on the requirements of you and your business, but can include:

  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Partitioning
  • Design & planning
  • Furniture & other furnishings


Overall, whether you decide to opt for a category A or category B fit out for your business establishment will depend on where you are within the interior transformation process. No matter your requirements, Lake Contracts are here to help, providing expert CAT A and CAT B fit out services that can help your business flourish. Learn more about the services that we provide today.