Renovating your business’ outdoor space for Summer 2022

With Summer slowly creeping closer, bars and restaurants across the UK are getting ready for customers to spend more of their time in the sun, making now the perfect time to start revamping your commercial outdoor space for your clientele to enjoy. So, how can you work to make your business establishment appear more appealing to your potential customers this summer season?
In the article below, our pub refurbishment contractors at Lake Contracts will discuss the ways in which you can revamp your commercial outdoor space in preparation for the warmer months, helping your business to thrive.

Opening up your pub or restaurant’s garden space is a great way to make the most of the Summer and provide your business with a great way to draw in potential clientele. Even the smallest changes can make a great difference, helping your space to feel more inviting and appealing to your guests.

Upgrade your garden furniture

Businesses with a larger outdoor space should consider the introduction of an outdoor dining area to their establishment, allowing customers to take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy time out in the sun.
If you’re working on a budget, a simple set of fold-away tables and chairs can work wonders to revamp your space while providing a great seating option that is easily stored away during the colder months, making them a practical and cost-effective addition to your décor.

Prepare for the evening hours

If your establishment stays open well into the evening, it’s important to consider quality lighting for all of your outdoor spaces. Outdoor lighting is a must for any pubs and restaurants that operate during later hours, helping your business to appear more inviting to passers-by and to stand out from the competition.
Illuminating your shop front and any other outdoor areas will cause your business to be more eye-catching, appealing more to customers in comparison to businesses that are dimply lit and harder to notice.

Proper lighting also allows for your outdoor dining areas to remain operational during the later hours, making it essential for businesses with commercial garden spaces.

Plan for all kinds of weather

Despite the warmer season, perfect weather is not always guaranteed. It’s important that pubs and restaurants plan ahead for shifts in the weather, ensuring that outdoor spaces can be enjoyed by customers come rain or shine.
Investing in an awning or gazebo will mean your customers can enjoy their time with your establishment without having to battle the elements, making it the ideal edition to any business facing the unpredictability of the British weather!

For more inspiration on how you can revamp your restaurant ready for the summer, discover Lake Contract’s restaurant refurbishment services today and learn what our team can do for you.