Open Plan Design Ideas

Making the most of the room that you have to work with can completely transform your business space, bringing light and character into your establishment. There are many ways that you can transform the look of your commercial space, helping to open up your shop or restaurant and foster an atmosphere that is welcoming to customers. In the article below, Lake Contracts will discuss the ways that you can transform your open plan space.




When considering what kind of flooring you should choose for your commercial fit out project, it’s worth first bearing in mind the amount of space that you have to work with. Smaller spaces should ideally make use of only one type of flooring, helping to unify the space and avoid using too many different colour and textures that could prove overwhelming and distract the eye.

If you have a larger amount of space to work with, taking advantage of more flooring options is a great way to break up rooms and can be particularly impactful within open plan design. However, try be mindful of clashing colours or textures- any changes in flooring should flow seamlessly from one to another, helping to define the different zones within your establishment.

If you’re working on a budget, using rugs in your design can help to achieve a similar look and can be easily replaced or removed if necessary.




Colour plays a vital role when it comes to designing open plan spaces during any commercial or retail fit out project. A good rule of thumb is to use a dominant base colour that defines the overall space and ties all the different areas into one another, using different shades and tones to map out specific zones. This allows for each space within your open plan design to flow into the other seamlessly, while also allowing for separate spaces to establish their character and charm.

Creating smooth transitions between each room can help to keep your overall design cohesive. This is not only visually appealing, but brings a sense of consistency to open plan spaces that ties the whole interior together.




Proper lighting is essential within open plan design, setting the mood of a space and even helping your establishment to feel bigger. Whether you opt for large windows or a grand central lighting fixture, a good balance of lighting helps to add the finishing touches to any shop fit out and is not an element that should be overlooked in your design.