Office – Renovate Or Relocate?

Has the inside space of your company reached the limit? If so, you know you have an exceptionally troublesome choice to make. There could be two reasons for this, your company has either outgrown the available space your business currently occupies, or you are not utilising it efficiently.

Like any business choice, there are advantages and disadvantages for any decisions that can influence your business growth, the brand and the capacity to attract top talent and achieve an edge over your competitors. Renovating the current office can sound like too much hard work, but you have to remember that it can sometimes be a lot easier and more cost effective than moving.

Here are some of the benefits of renovating your current office rather than relocating to a new one.

  • You may get yourself secured to a certain rent – moving will often involve rent rises at a new location and many businesses are keen to avoid this.
  • Other companies may possess existing office spaces that are fundamental to the business and therefore, extremely costly to move or reproduce somewhere else.
  • Some of your equipment might be delicate and so moving it wouldn’t be a sensible option.
  • Possibly, the present area is right to the point that you would loathe to leave, and disturbing this delicate balance can harm productivity and morale.

Although an office remodelling can be time consuming and stressful, in truth, it can often be more beneficial verses moving. If all that you require is some savvy re-evaluating of the spaces you occupy, or some modest changes then staying where you are might be the best option after all.

In most cases, renovating your current office space is much cheaper than relocating to a new building to begin from scratch.
Sometimes your current office location may be near areas such as airports, major roads, and hotels. Consider how this would compare to a new site –  will it affect your needs and purposes? You may conclude that possibly a redesign is all you need to make your current location great again

Remember that office refits ought to be reasonably simple if carried out by a  group of experts, and this should ensure trouble and disruption are kept to a minimum will still achieving maximum results and fulfilling the ultimate aims for the business.

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