Minimising noise in the Workplace

Noise pollution is a common issue present in a variety of different workplaces, often making productivity difficult and impacting the performance of your employees. So, what can be done to minimise the levels of noise present in a workplace? Below, we aim to discuss the approaches that you can take to reduce noise pollution and create a space that is beneficial to your staff and colleagues.


Replace out of date machinery

The older the machinery that you are using is, the more likely it is to overheat, giving out unnecessary amounts of noise that could be impacting the overall productivity of your workplace. Ensuring that all of your workplace equipment is kept up to date can work wonders for bringing down the overall noise levels in your office space, helping to foster a good work environment that will be beneficial for your employees.


Establish ‘quiet zones’ in your office space to encourage productivity

The creation of a floor plan that supports proper noise control is vital to improving the levels of productivity seen in your workplace. Ensuring that particularly noisy equipment, such as large office printers and copiers, is kept stored away in isolated areas can work wonders for reducing the noise levels in your work space. Other areas where noise levels are typically heightened, such as break rooms, kitchens, and conference rooms, should be kept isolated from work areas and properly insulated to reduce noise levels where possible.


Invest in noise cancelling equipment

If you’re still finding it difficult to bring down to overall noise levels in your workspace, then noise cancelling equipment such as sound-proof booths may provide the perfect solution; providing an ideal space for both those who need a quiet space to focus and get some work done, as well as a place for meetings to take place without distracting other colleagues.

However, if this is an expenditure a little out of your price range, then investing in noise cancelling headphones for your staff can also achieve the same effect.


Overall, there are a number of ways in which business owners can work to reduce the noise levels present within a workplace, helping to create a work environment that aids productivity and fosters a good work ethic amongst staff. To learn more about that Lake Contracts can do to help you completely transform your workspace, creating a positive work environment, why not take a look at our previous projects and discover what we can do for businesses like yours?