Utilising Commercial Outdoor Space this Summer

With summer well underway and food establishments now reopening with the easing of lockdown restrictions, now may be the perfect time for restaurants, cafes, and other businesses to think about utilising their outdoor areas.
In the below article, we will aim to discuss the ways in which you can transform your outdoor spaces, helping you to make the most of your workspace.


Seating Area

For those with an outdoor space large enough, the introduction of an outdoor seating area for customers to take advantage of may be perfect in the warmer summer weather.
Simple sets of fold-away tables and chairs can work wonders to transform a space and are easily stored during the colder weather, making them a practical addition to your establishment.

Outdoor Plants

If you find that your business’ outdoor space is not large enough to accommodate a seating area, the introduction of outdoor plants to a store front is a cheap yet effective way to give your space a new lease of life, also helping to make your pub or restaurant look more inviting to potential customers passing by.
Investing in easy to care for plants, or even artificial plants, helps to ensure that your outdoor spaces stay presentable all year round, and not just in the warmer weather.


Outdoor Lighting

The use of lighting in outdoor spaces is a great choice for businesses that may be open during evening times rather than during the day, also providing a great way for business to make their store front look more inviting to customers passing by.
Lighting up the front of your establishment when open in the evening will also help to make your business more eye-catching, standing out to in comparison to any competitors who may not have opted for the use of outdoor lighting, making their store front dimly lit and thus harder to notice overall.


In conclusion there are a number of ways in which businesses can work to utilise their outdoor space this summer, helping to make their establishment more welcoming to customers overall. For more information on what Lake contracts can do for you and your business, why not visit our restaurant refurbishment service page or get in touch with our team for a free quote.