How to optimise a smaller office space

When designing an effective workspace, many of us picture a light and open space that will promote productivity and motivation in a calm and relaxed working environment. However, not all businesses will have endless amounts of space that they can utilise within their office refurbishment. Many workspaces are small and cramped, meaning space needs to be properly utilised in order to promote workplace productivity and a happy workforce.

In the article below, our office refurbishment experts at Lake Contracts will discuss how you can make the most of your limited office space, helping the space that you do have feel as large as possible.


Stick to a light colour palette


Colour can bring life and vivacity to any room, and is a great way to set the atmosphere of your office space. Sticking to a lighter colour palette is ideal for opening up a space, helping to make your workplace appear larger and less cramped. Opting for white walls and incorporating a few pops of colour is a great way to foster a bright and welcoming atmosphere, which is perfect for a space in which productivity and creativity is encouraged.

You can decorate with whatever colours you want, but it’s important to note that darker colours can make a space feel closed in and cramped, which should be avoiding when working in an already limited space.


Avoid clutter


One of the most simple yet effective ways to optimise space for a smaller office is to avoid clutter. Clearing out the things that you don’t particularly need is a great way to free up space for the more important stuff, like office equipment and supplies.

Decoration is great for bringing life and personality to a room, but decorative pieces should not work to completely overwhelm your space or take away from its purpose.

By reducing the amount of clutter overwhelming your office, you can work to free up space and give your employees a little more breathing room.


However, cutting back on excessive decoration and clutter doesn’t necessarily mean that your workspace has to be void of any sense of personality. Allowing employees to decorate their own space with smaller items such as houseplants and family photographs on their desks is a great way to allow for decoration without it taking over the entire office.


There are a number of ways that those working with a limited office space can make the most of their smaller space effectively, transforming even the smallest of workplaces into an office that is optimised for motivation and productivity. If you’re looking to revamp your office space, learn more about the fit out services on offer from Lake Contracts and discover what our team can do to help you.