How to improve your retail space to get more sales

Anyone in the retail sector should remember that humans are visual beings and tend to process information and make decisions based on what they see. Most buyers make purchase decisions while at a physical retail location. Therefore, the visual appeal of a sales space is a vital aspect in a brick and mortar business. It is for this reason that retailers should constantly focus on giving their sales space an eye-catching design in line with their clients’ needs. Outlined below are some tips retailers can use to improve their retail space to boost sales and increase their conversion rate.

Window displays
Window displays act as advertising tools to give potential buyers a glimpse of some of the products offered in the retail shop. They attract potential buyers and play a crucial role in encouraging impulse buying. Therefore, retailers should ensure that this display design includes the most eye-catching pieces and parts of their products. Alternatively, they can use a video advertisement showing a variety of products available at their store.

Visually appealing entrance
The first impression clients get upon visiting a retail store, has a significant influence on its reputation. Therefore, when designing a retail space, much focus should be laid on the entrance. It should paint an excellent image of the entire store and entice prospective buyers to come in and make a purchase. Retailers may achieve this by including a visible welcome note, a red-carpet décor, or an attractive mat that captures the clients’ attention.

Set Instore layout based on the flow of traffic
To achieve the most out of this design tip, retailers need to know their audience. They should know where most of the prospective buyers turn to, once they step into the retail spaces. Do they move in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction? Understanding the flow of traffic helps in laying out merchandise in an easily accessible manner. Use of signages also helps in directing buyers around the store.

Add ‘speed bumps’ or breaks
Breaks and ‘speed bumps’ aim at slowing down buyers and engaging them, as they move around the store. These speed bumps can be tables displaying new products, or sales racks with discounted items. Retailers should make these tables attractive enough to capture the shoppers’ attention to slow them down and entice as they move around.

Turn on the buyer’s senses
Most people often overlook this aspect when designing their retail stores. However, it can go a long way in boosting their sales. Retailers can achieve this by using fans for temperature regulation, ambient music, light and smell in their stores. Such a combination makes the customers comfortable and brings about sensory stimulation that may encourage customers to make more purchases.

Avoid Over-cluttering
Retailers should avoid over-cluttering their space to reduce congestion which makes people uncomfortable. They should free up any tight space to create enough room for buyers to move around. With more space, shoppers can clearly see the products available as well as their prices. Additionally, creating space also makes the store welcoming, airy and comfortable to shop in.

Make the space photogenic
Today, most people like documenting their daily life activities in photos and sharing them on social media. Therefore, retailers could create a photogenic space in their stores using curated display designs that give the space an Instagram-worthy look, thus capturing interest. Ambient lighting can give the store a photogenic look by making everything visible.

Retail design has always been considered a very effective marketing strategy. It displays the kind of products available, as well as encouraging buyers to make purchases. Every retailer should, therefore, work towards improving their retail fit out designs, so their businesses can speak volumes about the kind of product offered. However, retailers may be oblivious on where to start or how to improve their business spaces for increased sales. In such a case, hiring professional retail fit out contractors can save them a lot of hassle. These retail shopfitters experts are experienced in turning shops into the most visually appealing spaces for buyers.

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