6 Ways To Improve Your Restaurant

If you are running a restaurant but you feel like things could be improved to make it more appealing to customers, there are some key changes you can make. Here we take a look at several fundamental things that can improve your restaurant.


The lighting in your restaurant plays a huge role in setting the atmosphere so it’s worth adjusting it according to the time of day and mood you are trying to set. Therefore, instead of having fluorescent lighting, choose LED lights that can be dimmed, enabling you to set a more relaxing tone for the evening than for lunch.


As well as lighting, the colours you choose will change the feel of your restaurant. It might be best to stay away from cooler colours like blue and purple, and instead opt for warmer colours such as red, orange and yellow, as these tend to stimulate the appetite more. Additionally, neutral colours such as beige, white and grey can have a calming effect on your customers.

Spacing of Tables

Although you want to serve as many customers as possible, be careful not to cram the tables too close together throughout the restaurant as this can feel too crowded. However, if you place your tables too far apart you might not have enough places to seat enough customers to make a good profit. One approach is to place more tables in the centre and then have some more secluded areas around the edge for intimate gatherings.


No customer wants to walk into a silent restaurant, so it’s important to have some music playing. The skill here is to choose the right music for the atmosphere you are trying to create, to make sure it can be heard throughout the restaurant, but that it’s not so loud that customers have to shout to have a conversation.


You can get the lighting, colours and music all perfect, but if your restaurant is dirty and/or messy, people will not want to eat there. Make sure there is no dust, dirt or fingerprints that customers can see. You also need to make sure there are no boxes or other clutter lying around where customers are going to be.

Using a Professional Restaurant Makeover Service

If you are planning to give your restaurant a makeover, it is best to employ the services of professional company that specialises in making restaurants look their best. You may think that you can save time and money by doing it yourself, but this can be a case of trial and error and if you get some key aspects wrong then the whole project could fail. If you hire a professional to do it for you, they will have the experience and knowledge to know just the right things to do to make your restaurant the best it can be.