How To Improve The Ambience Of Your Restaurant

As everyone knows, the most enjoyable dining experiences are about more than just great food. Customers want to dine in a relaxed, comfortable environment that will encourage them to return time and time again. The ambience of your restaurant can make a huge difference to the type of customers you attract, how long they spend there and, perhaps most importantly, how much money they are willing to part with. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the atmosphere of your establishment.

Before making any changes, you should be clear on the kind of mood you want to create. Is yours a romantic restaurant, aimed at couples? Or a fun, cheerful eatery, perfect for families? Once you have decided on this, you can begin!


Very important for the right ambience. If you decide to go for bright lighting, make sure the lights aren’t too glaring. If you opt for softer lighting, check that customers can still read their menus! Some restaurants may want to create a bright atmosphere for the lunch crowd during the day, then switch to a cosier feel in the evening by using a dimmer switch and candles, this will help you appeal to a wider array of customers.


A simple and effective way to lift the mood of the room and create the desired ambience. Use paint testers and swatches to try out warm and cool colours, find out what suits the space. Your restaurant fit out contractor will help you select the right colours to represent your brand and create the right ambience for your restaurant.


It’s something you may not be fully aware of when entering a restaurant but the right music can transform the mood. Music should not be the main focus or make it difficult for people to talk to each other. Subtle background music which appeals to your target demographic is ideal.


The position of tables within the restaurant is very important. The temptation might be to cram as many in as possible, therefore increasing your profit margin. However, a cramped dining room will put people off and may negatively affect your business in the long run. Aim for a cosy atmosphere, while still giving people space to comfortably move between the tables.

Furniture, fixtures and fittings

Tables and chairs are the items that spring to mind first and, of course, finding the right ones is crucial to getting the ambience right. But have you thought about the rest of the room? Do you need hostess stand? Coat hooks? Cabinets to display ornaments or items of interest? All of these can add to the atmosphere, as well as serving a practical purpose.

These ideas are practical and easy to implement, but you may be too busy running your restaurant to find the time. Or perhaps it’s just not your area of expertise. If that’s the case, Lake Contracts can help. Let the experts do the job for you. Contact a member of our friendly, family-run business to discuss your options today!