Getting the most out of your Café Refurbishment

Having provided professional Café fit outs to a number of satisfied customers, we’ve picked up some good tips and tricks along the way that will help you to get the most out of your Café. Below, we have compiled a list of features to be considered when aiming to utilise a limited space.

Breakfast Bars

When it comes to seating, trying to accommodate for a growing number of consumers can be particularly challenging; especially if limited seating is an issue that could be driving away potential sales. This is a problem easily remedied with the introduction of breakfast bars to your seating plan. Having heightened tables and seating lining the walls of your Café can allow for a room to appear much larger, opening up floor space and simultaneously allowing for a higher number of customers to utilise the establishment.

Utilise Outside Space

The key to a successful Café refurbishment is to make sure that all available space is put to proper use. Any outdoor areas attached to your establishment provide opportunity for more customer seating, allowing your business to accommodate for more consumers. The more seating that is available to customers at any given time, the more likely they are to feel invited into your Café; encouraging them to visit you and your team again.


The use of mirrors within your Café refurbishment can really help when trying to open up the space. Giving the illusion of depth through angles and various focal points is something that could potentially become a very effective element within your design. While this does nothing to actually alter the size of the space physically, it will help to make your petite Café appear much more spacious than it is, thus avoiding making consumers feel claustrophobic within your establishment. Mirrors can also greatly assist in the brightening of a room. Reflecting both artificial and natural light sources in an area gives the feeling of the space being much livelier and creates a much more inviting atmosphere that will appeal to all potential customers.

Large Windows

Similarly to mirrors, the utilisation of large windows in a shop fitting can effectively open up a space, helping to create the illusion that your Café offers much more room than it actually does. Providing customers with an outside view during their time at your establishment can help the space to feel less enclosed, while also adding colour to the room and making for a great view. Letting the outdoors in can really help with making a limited amount of space much more visually appealing, and the use of natural light can also mean a more open look for a room. This is an element that can be very effective within any Café fit out, but is especially great when used within a small area.

Wall-mounted Lighting

Finding the right lighting choices for any Café fit out can be a difficult job, but this can become even more complicated with working within a small space. A beautifully refurbished Café can quickly become ruined without adequate lighting, so finding fixtures that aren’t going to overwhelm limited spacing can take some practise. If your Café has high ceilings, then lighting your business from up here may be the best design choice for you. However, if this isn’t an option, what other choices are available to you? Wall-mounted lighting is a feature often overlooked, but can work wonders within a petite space; they also provide you with a great way to upgrade a space and give it a whole new look. Having lighting fixtures on a wall can really help in opening up floor space and creating the illusion of higher ceilings; making the room feel bigger and less claustrophobic. This can be a great choice for anyone looking to get the most out of a tiny space.

While owning a small Café space may feel limiting at times, there are many features that can be utilised to make a room appear much bigger while also making it as accommodating to consumers as it can be. If you’re considering a new Café fit out, why not visit our Café Refurbishment services page to find out what we can do for you and your business.