Bar Design Trends for Summer 2022

With the warmer weather now well underway, now may be the perfect time for your bar to consider updating its interior design, allowing your guests to make the most of the summer months.

In the article below, our bar refurbishment experts at Lake Contracts will discuss the newest interior design trends for pubs and bars this summer, helping your business to update its look and create a space that you can be proud of.


Al Fresco Dining Spaces


With the coronavirus pandemic still impacting how we inhabit public spaces and commercial establishments, al fresco dining will continue to appeal to customers and bar owners alike. Not only will making the most of your outdoor areas allow your customers to enjoy the warmer weather this summer, but this is also a great way to encourage safer practices within your establishment and make social distancing a permanent part of your design.

Pandemic-Conscious Design


Following on from the use of outdoor spaces as Al Fresco dining areas to promote better safety in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, many restaurant and bar owners will be seen to step away from the temporary fixes such as Plexiglas barriers, instead looking for more permanent ways to incorporate Covid safety practices into their interior design.

Fostering an atmosphere that is safe, yet inviting to customers, will see bars everywhere optimising their layouts to best accommodate their patrons while avoiding overcrowding.

By making the most of the space that they have available, business owners will be able to bring better flexibility to the interior design of their establishment, creating a space that is not just safer, but smarter too.


There are a number of great ways to revamp your bar’s interior design this summer, helping to create a space that is inviting to customers, but also more conscious of today’s safer business practices.

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